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No Need to Study is a unique homework/writing/test-taking service that claims to have been in business since 2009. We have been unable to find any recognition or commenting on this company prior to 2013, but this alone does not indicate dishonesty. The No Need to Study review that we have prepared here is based upon several assessments and factors – our study of the website content and its claims, No Need to Study testimonials which are posted by the company on its own site, comments and feedback we were able to find on other review websites and social media, and our own experience in ordering a research paper. What is here contained is an objective review based upon what we discovered.

Services and Features Available

The most heavily marketed service of this company is its offer to take online courses for students. Thus a student can enroll in a e-learning class and then turn over all of the coursework to the company, including assignments, tests, and participation in discussion boards.

Secondary offerings include online test-taking for any course as well as essay and paper writing.

Pricing System and Discounts

NoNeedtoStudy prices are not set and are not published on the company site. Nor does the company state that it offers and discounts. In fact, upon investigation and discussion with customer service reps, we discovered that the company prices each need individually and never provides any No Need to Study promo codes for lower pricing, no matter the initial cost of a product or service. We were unable to get pricing on online coursework taking or test-taking, but other off-line sources of information state that pricing is very high and almost prohibitive for most students. We find it surprising, then, that the company does not provide special pricing and at least some type of NoNeedtoStudy coupon code even for loyal customers.

Getting a price on a research paper we wished to order was certainly like “pulling teeth.” We were unable to place an order but, rather, had to engage in a number of back and forth emails with a company representative. Ultimately, we were given a price of $399 for an 8-page research paper with no guarantee of a grade because there was not rubric provided. We were also told that we would have to place the order within the next 4 hours in order to lock in that price. NoNeedtoStudy customers’ reviews also comment on the high cost of work they order.

Security Level (and how to proceed with the payment)

Once we were provided our pricing quote we were provided the link to the payment page. Payment is made by transferring money via credit or debit card. PayPal or wire transfer are not available. There is no mention of SSL certification for a payment processor. On the payment page, there are three seals that are meant to look “official;” however, they are not of memberships in any organization or security seals.

Writer Expertise and Delivery

We took a long hard look at the site content and, as well, its blog, which contains quite a few posts. We were concerned with the grammatical errors found on the site text. If owners and writers lack this attention to detail, will they lack the same attention to detail in working on clients’ writings? As for the blog, these posts are not original. We have found them on other writing service websites.

All comments we could find indicated that coursework, test-taking, and essays/papers were delivered on time. We can say that No Need to Study is legit.

Additional Benefits

There is literally nothing to report here, as there are no additional benefits offered.


Our NoNeedtoStudy reviews of each aspect of this company are quite mixed, especially upon reading about the experiences of others. One student stated that she paid an exorbitant amount for her course to be taken and got a course grade of “D.” when she inquired about the money-back guarantee, she was told only if she had received an “F.” We also contacted them about their “price matching” guarantee with a screen shot of another order form that priced our paper at $152.00. They would not match that price.

We have serious concerns about the quality and pricing and therefore are assigning a rating of “Fair-to-Poor.”

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Vernon : "There are better ones"

"If there's no need to study, than there's a need find a better service))) The quality is not so good here."

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