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Trust Essay Writing opens to a cluttered and difficult to follow website.

Aside from the physical layout of the website, the English used on it can seem laboured, and sometimes we feel that the meaning that they were trying to convey does not always come across as it should; for example, on the “Contact” page they state, “ team struggles to provide an ultimate comfort in all directions possible.”

Now, we don’t really think that they mean that, but, if that is the standard of English on their website - the shop window of the company - you have to ask the question, what is the level of English for the essays and assignments?

The majority of TrustEssayWriting customers reviews agree with our views.

Services And Features Available

The services offered seem extensive and wide ranging, taking in everything from high school essays through to Doctoral theses and dissertations. The subjects are many and varied, and there is a CV and resume service as well as the usual academic writing service. The company will create LinkedIn profiles and even movie reviews. There is a separate service section which emphasises the specialist provision of Ph.D. writing.

Some Trust Essay Writing reviews state that the service provision is not too comprehensive - we have to disagree and say that we thought this company covered most of the bases.

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Pricing System And Discounts

TrustEssayWriting prices are expensive by industry standards. We asked for the price of an academic essay of 10-pages, at bachelor degree level, with a 14-day deadline and were quoted $189.90 before any discounts were applied.

There are a range of services, such as being able to choose a top ten writer, an originality report, premium customer service and other tweaks which are available for an extra charge. The prices of these are quite steep too. discounts start with an initial 15% introductory discount and continue with lifetime discounts of 5% after a spend of $399 or 15 pages, 10% after a spend of $599 or 50 pages, and 15% after spending $799 or 100 pages completed with them.

There seem to be no further discount offers.

Trust Essay Writing review sites mention and comment on the discounting policy and tend to come down on the positive side.

Trust Essay Writing promo codes do not seem to be available.

TrustEssayWriting coupon code do not seem to be available either.

Security Level (And How To Proceed With Payment)

Trust Essay Writing is legit; the site has full encryption and never passes on or sells personal information to third parties.

Payment is via all the usual credit cards - the payment system is fully encrypted and secure. Trust Essay Writing do not disseminate or sell cardholder information to third parties.

Ordering is via a drop-down menu which asks for information such as the format you want your essay to be in and preferred country of origin for the writer.

There is a password and username system in place to access the student’s accounts and everything is encrypted and secure. Written papers are destroyed after the contract has ended.

Writers Expertise And Delivery

Trust Essay Writing state that their writers must be holders of a Master's degree or a Ph.D. This is stated on the home page where they claim that they aim to “placate” their clients - which seems an odd way to introduce their service!

They state that the holders of these qualifications are not always given a job when they apply which means, perhaps, that there is some level of further testing or some other reason for not taking them on, although we could find no further details anywhere else on the site.

The review comments that we saw also question the validity of the writers and their work.

Additional Benefits

There is a package of free formatting, a plagiarism report, a reference page,a title page, an outline page and unlimited amendments which total $79 in savings - and this is available with each order. These were the only extras and freebies that we could find.

Trust Essay Writing testimonials number 18 in total - and the lowest score, in a ten star system was 8. The company state that these “are absolutely true and authentic.” We feel that these testimonials should, however, be treated with caution as they are internal and as such have no objectivity.


Trust Essay Writing make great play of the qualifications of their writers, their expertise and their standard of writing and so on. However, they do not elaborate and besides some fairly ordinary sample papers which are available on PDF files there is no evidence of the writer’s actual skills on show - and no way of finding out before booking them.

The rating scores which we looked at were all quite low by comparison with other such sites and given the money charged did not really seem to deliver the goods in any way that would justify such high prices - especially when “extras” are added into the equation.


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Jackie: "Best Recommendations"

"I love the service so much! I've started using it following the advice of a friend. It's been 2 years since I am ordering with this service an d they've never let me down. The papers are written just right without any mistakes or missing the deadlines."









Paul: "Professional company!"

"When I have any troubles with writing some academic paper I always have in mind this writing agency! Not once it helped me and I think it will stay the same in the future! Their writers are highly experienced and they never fail to meet the deadlines. It's an overall very professional company and each writer and support manager are exceptionally good at what they do."

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