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UK Essays is a Nottingham based academic writing service. Their target audiences are students in the  United States, the UK, and Australia. We have been asked to write a review of this company and their services. In order to do so, we have taken the following steps:

  • Ordered and reviewed a college level essay
  • Compared UKEssays prices with other comparable writing services
  • Communicated with writers and customer service staff members
  • Read UKEssays customers reviews on other websites
  • Examined the UKEssay website for content and user experience

The following UK Essays review is the result of these efforts. If you are considering using this company for academic writing help, please continue reading. It is our hope that our review will be helpful to you.

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Services And Features Available

The company offers the standard variety of academic writing services. These include essays, reports, presentations, thesis and dissertation work, marking and proofreading, coursework, etc. American students might be a bit put off, because many of the services offered and the descriptions of them are solidly geared towards a  UK based audience.  Perhaps a bit of explanation or a separate section for services offered to US students would have been better.

Pricing System And Discounts

We placed an order for an economics essay that was to be 1250 words long, for an undergraduate, and requested that it be written to receive an A. We set the due date for 14 days after we placed the order. The final cost for this was $435. We were appalled. This was approximately $100 dollars per page. Most websites charge between $10 and $20 per page. High end websites might charge up to $30. Even thesis and dissertation work doesn’t run nearly this high.

Because the prices were so outrageous, we thought that there surely must be some decent discounts. We were unable to find any reference to discounts on the website. There were no UK essays promo codes. As we placed our order, we wondered if there would be a first time customer, UKEssays coupon code. After all, that is kind of standard among writing service websites, but there was no such discount offered. We weren’t the only ones who found the pricing and lack of discounts offensive. This was a common point in other UKEssays reviews.

Security Level And Payment Methods

We were able to make our payment without any problems. The company accepts the standard methods of payment such as debit or credit card and PayPal. We didn’t see anything particularly out of the ordinary here.

Writer Expertise And Delivery

We received our paper on time, and we had very high hopes considering the amount of money that we paid. Unfortunately, our hopes were quickly dashed as we read the essay that we received. It was in no way worth the money that we paid. It was not an A paper as we had been promised. We were expecting something that was expertly written, well researched, and that drew insightful conclusions. Instead, we received a paper that any average student could have written in a single evening using Google as a research tool. We received no helpful assistance or refund when we complained about quality.

Additional Benefits

There is some additional free content on the website. This includes writing samples, guides, and other similar content. We found some of this content interesting, although it is mostly a bit dry. The UK Essays testimonials we found on the website are, of course, all positive.


If you want if UK Essays is legit, we have to say no. Their pricing is absolutely appalling and their product quality and customer service is subpar. Our final rating is quite low. We recommend that students do not use this service.

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Frank: "They neglect customers' wishes and requirements"

"This writing service neglect their customers' wishes and requirements! This is a big problem, because I found a lot of things I would change in the research paper I ordered! Also the support team is not as helpful as they should be. I wish I talked with more professional managers."









Danielle: "Bad quality, high prices"

"Your prices are not the lowest and you also have great promises of quality of your papers. I'm sorry but I couldn't notice anything you mentioned on your website. Don't you think that such low quality papers should cost less? I ordered an essay and it brought me "D". I don't think it is fair."









Jerry: "This company is not good"

"This company is not good. They claim to be professional, but their writers fail to meet the deadlines. That’s the first sign of a low-quality service. Moreover, they have inexperienced support team and it’s a very unpleasant experience to work with them, you know. Can’t recommend it!"

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