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English Essays is a UK writing service that appears to have been in operation a little over a year. At least, we have been unable to find a “history” of it before then, although the company states that it has been around a “long time.” We decided to include this English Essays review, because we have run across some negative comments about it on the web, and decided to investigate for ourselves. We have used the same factors in our evaluation as we use with all writing companies we review – the company statements about its products and services, any English Essays testimonials we find on the site, feedback and comments of customers that have been posted on the web, and our own assessment based upon a written product we ordered.

Services and Features Available

English essays offers only academic writing and services. It has a long list of topic fields and products within those topic fields for students to select. It states that it can produce written works for students from high school forward, including theses and dissertations for students in graduate level programs.

In addition to specific academic products, the company provides admissions essays and editing and proofreading services.

In terms of customer service, EnglishEssays customer reviews were not too complimentary. Several customers stated that it was difficult to get in touch with the customer support department and that, when they did, their experiences were not productive. Our own experience with this department was less than satisfactory too. First, it was hard to understand them, with heavy foreign accents. Second, they were not able to answer questions that dug deeper into products or services. We asked one rep if a dissertation could be completed in 48 hours and were told yes – ridiculous. And because we could find no additional customer EnglishEssays reviews on the site itself, we have to go with what we have.

Pricing System and Discounts

EnglishEssays prices are calculated at the time of order placement, and the order form does provide for a lot of detail. We ordered an 8-page research paper with a 7-day deadline, and the price was $143.60. We were disappointed to find no EnglishEssay.net discounts, even for first-time customers. We checked throughout the site and could not find any English Essay promo codes that would provide discounts. What we did find was a bonus plan. A percentage of each order is placed in an account which a customer may use to offset the price of future orders. We assume there is some type of EnglishEssay coupon code to take advantage of accumulated bonus cash.

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Security Level (and how to proceed with payment)

Like most online writing services, English Essays takes all major credit cards for payment. Payment is made once the order is submitted. We were happy to see a reputable third-party payment processor in place, and we did feel comfortable using a credit card to make payment.

There is a written Privacy Policy which does guarantee that customer personal information is protected and not shared with third-parties, unless it is for fraud investigation purposes. The right procedures appear to be in place.

Writers Expertise and Delivery

Here is where things begin to get a bit dicey. First, the company insists that it employs only Ph.D. writers. Given that the service has only been around for a little more than a year, we find this difficult to believe.

There is a link to “samples;” however, that page simply supplies names of writer, a photo, and a title of something they have written. Visitors cannot click on anything to actually read a sample of a writer’s work, and some of the degrees of these writers are Master’s, not PH.D.’s. This type of inconsistency and inability to actually read anything creates a level of mis-trust. And if we are to take the website content itself as a measure of writing skill, the composition and grammar are of concern.

Most customers state that their works have been delivered on time through personal accounts they have had on the site. Our experience was the same, even though we did have to request revisions.

We can state that English Essays is legit, even though quality may be a concern.

Additional Benefits

In short there are none, except for the accumulation of bonus money toward future purchases. In fact, while most other services provide plagiarism reports for free, this company charges $14.99 for a report which they can get for free. The company does guarantee free revisions, and we did get one, after a bit of a hassle with customer support.

Our Conclusions

Our EnglishEssays.net review discovered may flaws and outright mis-representations by the company. If it intends to be a major contender in writing services, it has many things to “clean UP,” the first of which is to employ writers who are real academics. This may happen over time, but or no our EnglishEssay.net rating is “Fair-to-Poor.”

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Zolla: "Havent found any"

"ORIGINALITY, ERROR-FREE WRITING, CUSTOMIZED WRITING - where are those promised benefits of working with you? Probably somewhere else at a somehow different resource. My HIGHLY IMPORTANT recommendation is to stay away from this resource. Thanks, bye!"









Seth: "Special offer?"

"I got a mail with a special offer, so decided to rush and ask for it. The support agent said yes, sure. I placed my order of a book report and a small persuasive essay with a deadline 48 hours. The deadline was kept, but the order looked bad and I did not receive that offer of a discount! The final price was bigger. After lots of complaining and me refusing to pay they agreed for the first price. But that is awful guys. Not professional!"









Dari: "Haven`t got it yet"

"Nice website and great stories from the support made up my mind and I ordered a term paper here. What can I say? The result is quite average and in fact I expected to receive something better. But comparing with the price-quality it`s satisfying. Plus the urgency was observed and kept. "

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