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I Write Essays appears to have been in the academic writing business for about 5 years. In that time, there have been a number of IWriteEssays customer reviews, although we have been unable to locate any I Write Essays testimonials on the site itself. As we do in preparation for all reviews we write, we had a long look at the website itself – content, samples, blog posts, prices, discounts, types of services, customer support, and more. We also received a research paper, to evaluate both the process and the final product. Our I Write Essays review is based upon all of these factors. Is this service safe and reliable? keep reading to learn more about our discoveries.


The focus of products and services is academic – essays, papers, case studies, and other academic writing products. Editing, admissions/personal statement essays are also offered, along with a resume writing service. Thesis and dissertation services are one of their offerings

The business model is a combination of traditional writing services with pricing quotes for ordered projects, along with a bidding process. What was odd to us is that the customer must pay an additional fee for his project to be shown only to writers who were qualified in his topic area. This indicates that the company has a large job board and that anyone can bid on anything. While this process is totally legal, it does raise concerns about writer qualifications. Still, the customer makes the final choice on the writer. This is a bit worrisome to us, because the company does not control who has the opportunity to bid on projects, and this lowered our IWriteEssays.com rating a bit.

Our other concerns related to the website content itself. While the company insists that it has graduate-degreed writers, a few of the posts and samples that we did study were poorly written and reflected ESL composition – poor sentence structure, incorrect word usage, etc.


If you were looking for IWriteEssays.com discounts, you will not find them. IWriteEssays prices are published on a link, and start at $12.50 for a high school essay with a long lead time, all the way up to $48.00/page for graduate level research and writing. When we saw another statement that prices began at $7.50/page, we assumed that there was an IWriteEssays promo code somewhere for that low price. We were wrong. There are not even I Write Essays promo codes for new customers.


The order form is very self-explanatory. Once all of the fields are completed, you will be given a price. You must make payment before the order is let out for bids. The payment process, however, is fully secured via a third-party payment processor, and we had no concerns about using our credit card to make our payment. I Write Essays is legit. No students indicated that they did not feel safe making a payment.


Here is where the issues began to arise. We received an 8-page research paper and its original cost had been $216. This is above average, and we expected a “killer” piece of writing. It was, instead, quite a disappointment. For a college level paper, the resources used were not scholarly – secondary sources that would be more fitting for high school. In addition, there were a number of grammar and word usage errors.

We sent our piece back for revision, asking for better resources and pointing out the grammatical errors. New resources were stuck in, but not well. The final product would not have been acceptable by any college professor. We complained again, asked for another writer, and were ultimately refunded ½ of our money – pretty poor customer support.

The IWriteEssays reviews that we read reflected some of the same issues – poor writing and difficult customer support response.


Orders do include free title pages, bibliographies, plagiarism checks, etc., as most writing services offer. To have to pay an additional fee to designate that only writers in a topic field be given the order for bids, however, is a bit ridiculous. The company needs to fix this pronto.

Another feature that we noticed on the website was a blog. However, it should be noted that the blog would more accurately be called a set of writing samples. This is fine, except for two problems. The first is that a student looking for a blog might be disappointed when they don't find posts on issues concerning college students. The second is that the writing samples simply are not very good.

Finally, we reviewed the policy documents on the writing service website. We were most concerned with the privacy documents, specifically have a company handles privacy and consumer data. According to the privacy policy the company does adhere to GDPR regulatory requirements, as well as the privacy act of 1988. this means that customers do you have significant control over their personal data oh, and that they can request their data be deleted. The company is also clear on how it uses cookies.


Our IWriteEssays.com review revealed some important issues and flaws with the basic model of this writing service. Given that it charges higher than average prices, customers should be able to expect higher quality than the company delivers. We are assigning a rating of “Fair.” Students should be prepared for revision requests, and slow responses when they do.

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