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Resume Edge was founded 18 years ago, and is now an online service specializing in resume services. Because we were recently asked to write a Resume Edge review we spent quite a bit of time learning as much as we could about this company. Here are just a few of the steps that we took to ensure that our review is as thorough and acurate as possible.

  • We read ResumeEdge customers reviews we found on other websites
  • We researched writing company scams to find out whether or not Resume Edge is legit
  • Compared ResumeEdge prices with other websites
  • Placed an order for an entry level resume
  • Looked into discounts
  • Evaluated the website for content and usability

Keep reading to get our thoughts in this review.

Services And Features Available

Services offered by this writing service include entry level resume writing, professional resume writing, and executive resume writing. They also offer cover letter writing services, and they create LinkedIn profiles. There are no other writing services available here. So, options are quite limited. There is a subscription based service for customers who want to use the proprietary resume builder along with templates.

Pricing System And Discounts

Prices for resumes start at 119 dollars for an entry level resume. Professional resumes are 249 dollars, and executive resumes cost 399 dollars. A cover letter is 49 dollars. A LinkedIn profile is 69 dollars. There are some bundling options available, but we were a bit confused about how those work. These prices are not completely out of the ordinary for a writing service, but they are a bit high. This is problematic due to quality concerns that were raised as we learned more about this company.

Pricing for resume builder subscriptions was even more confusing. A seven day trial costs a dollar, but then the user must pay nearly 30 dollars per month to continue using the service. There are also a five dollar monthly subscription and a 49 dollar annual prescription. It was completely unclear to us what the difference between each one of the subscriptions actually was. We looked for Resume Edge promo codes but could not find any. We were offered a Resume Edge coupon code that did take 20 dollars off of our total price.


While we have other concerns with this writing service, they do seem to use secure payment processing. We did not read any ResumeEdge reviews that indicated any privacy or security concerns either. We were about concerned about when payment was collected.

Writers’ Expertise And Delivery

After much confusion, and struggling to navigate the website we finally figured out how to order an entry level resume. Before using this service, people should be aware that payment information is collected up front. This means that your credit or debit card information is taken and processed before you have the opportunity to kow what you are getting into. Once we placed our order and made payment, we filled out some information, and waited to be contacted. Unfortunately, that took 48 hours. It was a week later when we received our final copy.

We’ll just say that we were underwhelmed. There was nothing particularly polished or professional about the document we received. We ran it by our own HR professional who said that while it wasn’t a bad resume, there was nothing that she saw that anybody couldn’t have done on their own. Perhaps we would have gotten better efforts if we just used the resume builder. Unfortunately our rating for product quality is far below average.

Additional Benefits

There is a blog on the website that seems to be fairly current and well written. We also found that Resume Edge testimonials are distributed throughout the website. There are also articles and sample resumes available for review.


Unfortunately, we just cannot recommend this website. Prices are simply too high, and the quality is not up to par.

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Oli: "I thought the resume would be better"

"I thought the resume would be good if professionals would write it. The resume they've send me was worse of than I'd written myself. I would not recommend them."

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