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Smart Writing Service is based in Hong Kong. It has been around since 2008. It works mostly with American, British, Canadian and Australian students. It’s support and office facilities are based in Latvia - presumably for lower operating costs.

This location is not the only way in which this service is different from most - their whole approach to working is slightly different to the norm, and this is something you need to consider when using them.

The website, itself, is clearly set out and very well organised. There is a good FAQ section and the services section is comprehensive and clear. If anything - there is a bit too much information - it can feel a little cramped as you work your way through it all.

Most SmartWritingService customers reviews also comment, quite frequently, on how different this company is - not everybody likes this. 

Services And Features Available

Services are comprehensive and varied. They include relatively rare beasts like Capstone projects and PowerPoint presentations.

Some SmartWritingService reviews thought that the services list was too big - how could they specialise enough to do a good job? We remain neutral here and think that you need a good balance of services and specialties.

Pricing System And Discounts

The basic SmartWritingService prices are based on your academic level, your specialty, your deadline or timeframe and how many pages of work you are after.

We asked for a “free” quote, (more on that below) for a Bachelor level paper of 10-pages, with a deadline of 14-days and promptly found out that you have to leave your name, address, phone number and email address to find out what the prices are! The company says that they do not disclose personal information to third parties, but you can get quotes from hundreds of other companies without giving them your life too. We did find out that the above paper would cost you $160 before any discounts are applied.

The basic discounts are lifetime type reductions of 5% off with the first $500 spend, 10% with $1,000 and 15% for more than $2,000.

content smart writing service

Smart Writing Service review pages seemed to think that the pricing was in the mid-range of this type of service.

Smart Writing Service promo codes do not seem to be available.

SmartWritingService coupon code offers do not seem to be present as well.

Security Level (And How To Proceed With Payment)

Smart Writing Service is legit; it has been around for eight years online. The service encrypts information and guarantees probity.

Payments are made by credit cards or PayPal, and the payment system is totally secure and encrypted. Smart Writing Service do not disseminate or sell any cardholder or personal information to third parties.

Ordering is easy with the service through a drop down menu where a customer inputs information of the writing assignment and other information necessary.

Any private data, or the order written for the customer, also, never sold or disseminated to third parties. Access to accounts is via a password and username system. The site is fully encrypted, and copy and papers are destroyed once accepted by the student to eliminate plagiarism and disclosure issues.

Writers Expertise And Delivery

Smart Writing Service have over 500 writers on their books, and they guarantee that these writers create original, plagiarism free papers, which will need minimal revision. The company claims that these writers are Masters and Ph.D. degree holders and that they are from all types of academic institutes and backgrounds. This enables them to know their way around the various formats demanded by the different colleges and what is needed for each. In practice, we feel that this may spread their alleged expertise a little too thinly.

Smart Writing Service have a unique delivery system which is available for an extra fee; this is known as “Progressive delivery” and the idea is that the paper is sent out, by the writer, in blocks or chunks. This enables the student to hand it in or amend it or just see what the progress is without having the whole thing landing on them at once. You do, of course, have to pay for the whole thing upfront regardless of how you choose to have it delivered.

Most review sites agree that there is not sufficient quantity of information provided onsite to assess the standard of writing.

Additio nal Benefits

There is a “free” plagiarism checker - this allows the checking of up to 5 papers a month if not a client, and up to 100 if you are.

The company claims that another “free” service is its “quotes” on prices - seriously? Why would anyone pay for this anyway?

Smart Writing Service testimonials are shown on the site and are consistently complimentary - these are internal - so treat them with a degree of caution.

Smart Writing Service No one can accuse this company of being modest in its claims. Everything on the site has an assurance or a “confirmation” - for example - in the testimonials section they invite you to send in your own so that they can “prove” that they are real - we remain unconvinced. rating scores on external sites think that this company does not live up to its slick, all-knowing image and suggest looking around before deciding which company to entrust your work to.

SmartWritingService Review by









Codi: "Not so good"

"They are late with paper. I wanted a good reliable writing company as my partner, but found this! Yes, people with whom I talked were very polite, but the research paper I ordered was written awfully! There were dozens of various mistakes!"









Dan: "It's a pity that I've ordered from them."

"This company disappointed me. The writer failed to meet the deadline and the paper itself was written really badly. I believe the writer wasn't even a native speaker, as there were too many spelling and grammar mistakes. I contacted the support team in order to ask for revision, which is said to be free. But they refused to make a free revision and told me I had to pay. It's a pity that I've ordered from them."









Matthew: "Low quality"

"My Literature essay, which was performed by one of their writers, brought me "C". It's a pity, because I expected to get a high grade having ordered from a professional writing service. "

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