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Finding Legit Essay Writing Services

Buyer beware! You must do your due diligence if you want to be sure your writing service is legit. If you are not familiar with the phrase buyer beware, it means that as the person who is purchasing a product or service, it is up to you to research the companies you are considering. The reason for the warning, 'buyer beware' is because you often have little to no recourse if you are ripped off in anyway. When you hire a writing service, you should consider yourself to be in a buyer beware situation. This means that you need to do the leg work of making sure you are dealing with a company that you can trust.

It can be dangerous as well! After all, every writing service you visit will claim to be a reliable essay writing service. The question is, how can you determine whether or not this is true. To be honest, there are more bad writing services than good. The bad services will sell you plagiarized papers, won't communicate with you, will refuse to fix any errors, or they may simply take your money and run. If you use a bad writing service, you could lose lot of money. Worse, you could find yourself the subject of an academic dishonesty investigation if you turn in a paper that is found to be plagiarized. At this point you may be considering giving up on finding a legitimate essay writing service anywhere. Well, don't give up now. You truly can find a safe essay writing service that will help you with your writing needs.

Buying Essays Online Safely: What You Can Do

When you begin investigating essay writing services there are a few things that should get your attention:

  • The contact information: You should be able to contact the writing service by phone, by email, and by live chat. Be especially wary of a writing service that cannot be reached by phone.
  • The website should offer an absolute guarantee that all of the content they write is 100 percent original. They should back this up with an offer to provide a plagiarism report.
  • Avoid websites that are written in poor, broken English. This is your sign that the writers do not have a good grasp of the English language.
  • The writing service should offer guarantees about revisions and about on time delivery.
  • Be very concerned if you find a writing service that offers essays within an hour, or that charges less than ten dollars per page. Nobody can produce original, quality work at those prices or in that time frame.
  • A good writing service will encourage you to communicate directly with your writer. How else will you know that progress is being made?
  • The website should be well-designed and fully functional. You cannot buy essays online safely that doesn't take the time to create a working website.

Are There Other Ways to Answer: Are Essay Writing Services Safe?

The best and most efficient way to judge whether or not a writing service can be trusted is to find a third party review site that provides unbiased, written summaries of what various writing services have to offer. This way you can learn all about your options without risking your money or your academic reputation.