Privacy Policy


This policy will outline for our users exactly what and how we collect information and what we do with that information. It is the user’s responsibility to review this policy completely so that s/he is fully aware of our procedures and practices regarding privacy.

The Type of User Information We Collect

We gather two types of information as users access our site, set up accounts, and make use of any of the content that we have.

  1. General information that is personally anonymous: When anyone visits our site, we access and retain certain types of information – browser used, IP addresses, pages that are visited, and the length of time spend on each page and the website as a whole. We use all of this data to change, modify, re-arrange and otherwise improve our site and our user experiences. We do not single out any individual use.

As well, we do use cookies. They are active while you are on our site but are terminated when you leave our site. We may also place a “consistent cookie” for our users which stores their login information, making it easier to access the site each time they come. Any user may disable cookies at any time; however, doing so may negatively impact the site experience.

  1. User Personal Information: Users who establish an account on our site do complete a personal profile. This allows them to participate in all site activities – establish contact with other users, message other users, conduct searches, involve themselves in conversations and discussions, and to post comments, feedback, and information on their own profile page and share all of these with others. Should your contact information change, we request that you notify us so that we may continue to send you important information and newsletters.

Content Posting

Users post content at their own risk. They may set their own privacy options in order to limit the access of others to certain of their pages, although these privacy settings are not guaranteed completely secure. We also bear no responsibility for content that others may post on your pages. Should any other user “hack” through our security settings and gain access to your pages, we are not responsible.

You may remove any content from your pages that you wish. However, you also understand that the content has been public on our site. Others may have your content and may distribute it anywhere they wish. Any content you publish must be considered public, and we are not responsible for how others may use it.

Users bear total responsibility for making themselves aware of the Terms and conditions to which they automatically agree when they access and use our site. There are content restrictions published in that agreement. If users violate those restrictions, they may face suspension, banning, or legal actions. Should any user become aware that another user is violating any content restrictions, it is his/her responsibility to report that user to site administrators.

Invitations to Join Our Site

We have an invitation service that all users have access to. If a user wishes to invite someone to join our site, s/he may do so by placing an invitation request with us. We will then contact that individual via email and invite him/her in your name. Whether your friend chooses to join our site or not, we will store that contact information and may contact that individual in the future. If you friend decides not to accept any more contact from us, s/he may opt out at any time.

Transfer of Your Personal Information

Anyone using our site automatically agrees that his/her personal information will be transferred through the United States.

Children Under the Age of 13

Essay Guard does not allow anyone under the age of 13 to access, use or register on its site. If we should discover that a user is under 13, we will terminate that individual’s account and wipe all personal information from our system. These individuals may re-join only if we are able to verify that a parent/guardian provides permission to do so. This must be through a notarized statement, the original copy of which must be mailed to us.

Children Between the Ages of 13 – 18

We urge any teens between these ages to obtain parental permission before joining our sites and registering with any personal information. This is simply a good policy for joining any site on the Internet.

What We Do With Your Information

A user who joins our site provides personal information to us. In setting up a profile, however, only the user’s first name and last initial will be used, and that is how that user will be known throughout our site. If a user chooses to provide additional information to any other users, they do so at their own risk, and we are not responsible for any consequences.

We also use your name and your email address when we wish to send you information that we believe is pertinent, of interest, or useful to you. Even if you opt out of our emails, we will still contact you if there is important information you need to have.

All users are responsible for their own privacy settings. If you set privacy settings that allow others to access your profile and modify it, then we are not responsible.

Sharing User Information with third Parties

Users understand that we may share their information with third parties if those third parties may have products, promotions, or other information that we believe those users may be interested in knowing about. If, for example, a user has a favorite author and a new release is being offered by a third party at a discounted price, we may share a user’s public information with that third party. We do not share information beyond that which exist on the user’s public profile.

Instances when We May Share Your Contact Information

The following are examples of when we may share your contact information:

  1. If you make a purchase on our site, your information will be forwarded to a third-party secure processor.
  2. If any law enforcement authority should request you contact information, we will provide it.
  3. We will volunteer your information to any legal authority if we suspect that you have violated any laws through the use of our site or through what you have published on our site. Users are expected to review the Terms and Conditions agreement regarding content that is in violation of the law.
  4. If the site ownership should be transferred, user contact information will be transferred as well. The terms of this Privacy Policy will still prevail until it is re-written or modified by the new ownership. If such should occur, users will be notified.

When Users Share their Own Information with Third Parties

When a user shares his/her contact information with a third party, even if that third party was accessed from our site, we are not responsible for the policies and practices of that third party in protecting a user’s privacy.

Third-Party Links On Our Site

Users will find links to third parties on our site. They may connect to these third parties through those links. However, we are not aware of the terms and conditions or the privacy policies of those sites. And once you leave our site for another, our terms and conditions and privacy policy no longer apply to you. You access third parties from our site with full responsibility for any consequences that may occur.

Altering or Removing Your Information

When you access hour profile page, you will see editing tools that are available to you. You can use these tools to make any changes to your information, and they are usually instant.

If you remove content that you have previously posted, it will no long show up on your pages. However, that content was public for the time that it was present, and others may have that content. We cannot control what anyone else may do with content that you have deleted.

Security of our Site

Essay Guard has the most current security measures in place to protect your information – this includes a fully secure server with firewalls. Anything you post, your profile, and emails and messages that are sent or received are not protected by any security. If you provide personal information to others through any of these means, we are not responsible with the consequences of that sharing on your part.

Our Policies are Binding

When you choose to use our site, you are also agreeing to be bound by both the Terms and Conditions Agreement and by this Privacy Policy. Your use of our further states that you have read and understand all of the details of our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

If there are changes to either our Terms and Conditions Agreement or our Privacy Policy, these changes will be published on our site. Further, we will email notification of such changes to our users. As soon as the notification of change is published, it becomes effective. Users are bound to those changes at the time of notification.