Apps to Do My English Homework

I really need some English homework help. And doing homework in Spanish makes me hate every other language in the world. Sounds like you? Then read on.


Academic writing is a challenge all of its own. Just think about those essays and papers and what you have to do to get a decent grade:

  • You have to have a topic your instructor likes

  • You have to do research and organize that research into sub-topics

  • You have to come up with a thesis statement

  • You have to actually write the thing, using perfect grammar and composition skills, and it has to be in formal English, not the kind you use when texting your friends.

  • You have to cite your sources according to the required format.

It’s a tall order. And a lot of research shows that today’s student really struggles with English homework. Not surprising. So much screen time and so much texting. It’s hard to make that switch to formal academic writing.

You are Probably Looking for Answers to Your English Homework Struggles

We get it. You need English homework answers, and you need them now. And there are apps out there to help you.

Some apps provide free English homework answers with their basic services. Check out Grammarly, for example. It will point out your mistakes. But if you use only the basic service, it will not correct those mistakes for you. At least, you will know what you have to fix. If you want the fixes, you will have to pay for the premium service subscription, and that may not be all bad.

There are lots of free citation generators too. You can put in your source information, and they will generate a citation in the format you need.

There are also homework help websites for college students that have been set up by college students to help each other. You can join these and get help from students who have better English academic writing skills than you have. If you are an “expert” in specific subject fields, you can help others too. Suppose you have skills in STEM subjects or a foreign language, you can help students who request, “Do my homework in Spanish,’ for example. These are communities of students helping one another, and they are all over the web.

You can try to find the best homework cheat websites for answers to your struggle. There are lots of sites out there that will supply you with pre-written essays or papers on your topic. Just understand this: these come from free databases and are all over the web. If you try to use any of these, you will face charges of plagiarism. If you download one of these pieces, be prepared to totally re-write it. But if the resources are legit and current, they will give you a good start. This is an English homework solver, though, that may not be your best option, even though it will be cheap.

What if I Need Homework Help in Other Languages too?

Well, you can find many of the same sources that are listed above for foreign language homework too. Plus, you do have access to websites that will provide a machine translation of something you have written in English. Here’s the problem: machine translations are still not perfected, and those translations will have errors in them. You will still need some human expert to look over that translation and re-work it. And so, the translation will not be free. If you are looking at translation sites, you need to ask a few questions:

  • Can you do my homework in French and get it back to me on time? And do you have a native French-speaker who will be doing this?

  • Can you do my German homework quickly if I have an urgent deadline and still keep all of this confidential?

  • If I am doing my homework in Spanish, and I have a problem, can I send it over to you and get it fixed and completed?

Can I Find a One-Stop Solution for All of This?

The answer is yes. We have researched and evaluated a large number of academic assistance agencies, and have come up with the best online websites for homework writing assignments, no matter what type they may be. You can search through our reviews and find the one that will work for you, whether it is English writing or assignments in foreign languages.