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That thesis. Whether you are completing one for a Master’s or a Ph.D., you have a big task in front of you. From the initial selection of a broad topic area to the narrowing to a specific research question and hypothesis development, all the way through to the concluding paragraph, there are months of work ahead of you.

The problem is this: when you are a grad student, you have other obligations. You may be teaching a course or two; you may have a different part-time job; you may have family demands on your time; and you definitely have some type of social life. Fitting a thesis or dissertation into an already full schedule means that some things will have to be sacrificed.

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The Process is Tough

When you think of all that is involved in producing that thesis or dissertation, it can be overwhelming. Once you have your research question/hypothesis approved by your advisor and/or committee, the real work begins:

  • You have to write a formal proposal that includes your question/hypothesis in formal style, a justification of the importance of this question to your field, a brief overview of the early research you have done, a description of your research design and methods, and a timeline for completing the project.
  • Each section or chapter must then be fashioned
  1. A strong and compelling introduction that introduces your question and prepares the reader for what is to come, without giving away the results of your research. This is a hard chapter to write. It is usually written last, and many students do get some thesis writing assistance at this point.
  2. A comprehensive literature review must include all of the prior research that is directly relevant to your project. This like a major research paper along with your reflections on each piece.
  3. Methodology – explain your design, your study population, the implementation of the study, and the data that you collected. You will be creating graphs and charts to show your data, as well as presents your results in prose.
  4. Results – You must statistically analyze your data, in order to show significance – again in visual and written form.
  5. Discussion/Conclusion: Again, this is a tough chapter. It can be an organizational nightmare, but you must answer your research question or speak to the “proof” of your hypothesis. At the same time, you have to address constraints and make recommendations for future researchers.

Obviously, if you have read other theses, you know what you are in for – months of scholarly work and then a perfect writeup.

The Hurdles

You will definitely reach points of frustration, anger, and anxiety. When you do, it is probably time to look for thesis or dissertation experts to help you. You can find such experts at Essay Guard – a writing service that has on its staff Ph.D. scholars who can provide any type of dissertation and thesis writing assistance, from topic selection through conclusion.