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EssayGuard.com Terms and Conditions of Use

We have produced these terms and conditions to codify and inform you of the regulations and requirements in place when you use the EssayGuard.com website. When you access this website and use it in any way (read reviews, provide comments and/or feedback), you have automatically agreed to all parts of this Terms and Conditions agreement.

Definition of Terms

1. Parties of this Agreement

  1. The words “you,” “your,” and “you’re” mean you, as an individual who accesses our site and who makes use of our site in any way.
  2. The words “we,” “our,” “ours,” and “us” mean this website and any individuals who are employed or affiliated with this website, EssayGuard.com.

2. Site Content

  1. The word “content” is defined as any text, visuals, videos, audios, images or any other method of communication that is contained on our site.
  2. “Our Content” is defined as anything that we publish on our website, including all of the items mentioned in “A” of this section.
  3.  “User content” refers to any content (as defined in “A” of this section) that anyone, including you, may publish on our site.
  4.  “Third Party Content” refers to any or all items mentioned in “A” of this section that is published by any party that is not affiliated with the website or is not a user of the website.

3. Making Changes to these Terms and Conditions

EssayGuard.com owners and administrators have the right to alter and/or amend this terms and conditions document when we deem appropriate or necessary. These changes may occur at any time without prior notification. However, we will announce such changes as they occur and publish those notifications on the website. For users who have registered their email addresses for news and notifications from us, emails informing those users of the changes will be sent. As soon as a change is made, it becomes effective and users are bound by it.

4. Your Use of the EssayGuard.com Website

  1. Eligibility: To use our website, you must be 18 years of age, so that you have the legal authority to enter into this agreement. Should we discover that you are under the age of 18, you will be banned. Competitors and any banned individuals may not access this site. Should any ineligible person or entity access our website, we will take legal action.
  2. Assumption of Risk: While you have our permission to use our website, you do so at your own risk. Should you access and in any way use content that is false, offensive or otherwise inappropriate, we are not responsible. Again, we bear no responsibility for the content that users may publish and for your use of that content.
  3. Site Changes, Suspensions, Interruptions: We have the right to suspend, to alter, to interrupt or to discontinue our site at any time without prior notice being given.
  4. User Accounts: Anyone wishing to use certain functions of our website must set up an account on our site and is responsible for maintaining that account. Accounts are password protected, and the user must protect his/her own password. If you believe that your password has been compromised, you are to notify us immediately. We have the right to close any account without prior warning or notification.
  5. Account Integrity: The user agrees that his/her account is for personal use only and not for any commercial purposes. The user also agrees that s/he shall not impersonate anyone in the establishment of an account, and that all information provided to the website is accurate. A user is limited to one account only.
  6. User accounts are for personal, non-commercial purposes only. Users may not impersonate anyone else and must provide the site with accurate information. Users may not create more than one account.
  7. Any user who establishes an account on our site automatically agrees to the receipt of notifications from us. If you have concerns about your privacy, you should review the Privacy policy that is published on our site.

5. Content Responsibility

  1. Only you bear responsibility for the content that you publish on our site. You also accept the fact that content you publish may not always be able to be deleted or taken back. Further, you take all risk for any content that you publish. We bear not liability for your content. As well, you may not imply or indicate in any way that EssayGuard.com endorses, supports or agrees with any content you publish.

If you publish any content that is false, offensive, inflammatory, in violation of any local, regional, state of national laws, or plagiarized or otherwise violates privacy or copyright laws, the liability rests solely with you. Further, should you publish any content that is considered pornographic or endangering the welfare of minors or constitutes legally defined “hate speech,” you bear sole responsibility and liability. We will not participate in any lawsuit that results from the content you publish and we will cooperate with authorities in their investigations.

  1. Our Rights to Your Content

Any content you publish on our website is for our full use as we deem to use it. As well, any other user has access and full use of your content. You agree that your content may be re-published in original or modified form anywhere else for any purpose we or other user wish. We have the right to use your content for commercial purposes.

  1. Your Use of Our Content

We own all content that we publish on our site. This content is protected by copyright law. You agree not to use, share, sell, lease, or otherwise distribute our content. Should you choose to use our content in any way other than to read it, you are in violation of copyright law and you will be prosecuted under those laws.

  1. We have the right to place advertisements anywhere on our site and this includes anywhere around any content that you might publish.
  2. Access to Our RSS and Atom Feeds

If you have an established account, you may access some of our content through feeds. You may only use this content for non-commercial purposes, and this includes your social media pages. However, use of our feeds does not mean that we support or endorse any of your opinions or content. If you choose to use our feed content, you must provide attributions to our website. We may, at our discretion terminate our feeds at any time or bar your access to them if they are mis-used. Should you wish to use our content for any other reason, you are required to obtain our permission.

  1. User content does not reflect our opinions. We also have the right to modify, delete, or otherwise change any content you publish. We are under no obligation to provide you with copies of your content. When you publish any content, you agree that you as the user have no rights to confidentiality.
  2. No user content necessarily reflects the opinions of our site. We reserve the right to modify, remove, or screen any user content at any time and at our discretion. Further, we are not obligated in any way to provide any user with copies of his/her content. You further agree that none of the content you publish on our site has any right to confidentiality.

6. Policies and Guidelines

Users agree that they have read these terms and conditions and that they understand them. They further agree that they have read the site Privacy Policy, along with any other policies and guidelines that have been published by us on our site. Users also agree and understand the following:

  • We may distribute information about you and/or your content to third parties if we choose to
  • We will take legal action, either civil or criminal, if we discover any illegal activity or other violation of civil or criminal law or if a user should violate any of these terms and conditions
  • We will fully cooperate with any and all law enforcement authorities or agencies as they investigate any user activities on our site
  • You shall indemnify and hold harmless our website and any personnel affiliated with our website should you be sued or prosecuted for any of your activities on our site
  • We comply with the Millennium Digital Copyright Act and that should you violate any of its terms, we will report said violations.
  • We will delete and/or block any content that we believe infringes on copyright law and we will block any user who infringes on copyright law
  • You are legally obligated to inform the site administration if you believe that there has been any infringement of copyright law by any user of our site. We will disable that content until our investigation is complete.
  • We will notify the legal owner of any content that has been plagiarized by a user and supply that owner with the user’s information.

7.Third Party Links, Tools and Apps

We do have the right to place third-party links on our site, as we choose. We do not attest to the safety of such third-party entities nor to the quality of anything they provide or offer. When you access a third-party from our site, you assume all risk and are no longer protected by our policies.

8. Holding Harmless

When you use our site, you automatically agree to indemnify and hold harmless the site or any of its affiliate personnel for any consequences of your use. This includes negative consequences for the use of false information that another user has published. It also includes any legal action that may be brought against you for mis-use of content, plagiarism, fraud, or any other illegal activity. You also agree that we are not liable for any harm that may occur as a result of your linking to any third parties from our site. If we should incur legal fees as a result of your mis-use of our site and action being taken against you, you shall be responsible for those fees.

9.Termination of These Terms and Conditions

This document will be in force until we decide to terminate or suspend it or any portion of any terms within it.

10. Your Termination

We may terminate your account at any time and block your use of our site. You may appeal that decision. If we should suspend or terminate your account, we still reserve the right to retain and use any of your content.

11. General Terms

  1. We always have the right to change, alter, update, suspend or terminate this site as we choose.
  2. You will be informed of any changes by notification on the site and by email.
  3.  These terms and conditions comprise the entire terms and conditions agreement between you and our website.
  4. We may choose not to enforce any of these terms and condition. In such case, all other terms and conditions remain in effect.
  5. Should a legal entity determine that any one of these terms and condition is unenforceable, all other terms and conditions remain in effect.

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