How to Stay Focused

“How to stay focused?” is a question that we all have asked ourselves at least once in life, especially in high school or college. It’s very important to develop our ability to focus if we want to achieve great results.

how to stay focused while studying

Here are some techniques from Essay Guard that will teach you how to focus on studying. 

  • Eliminate distractions

This may be the most important step towards a productive process. You have to turn off your phone. It doesn’t help if you keep it on silent because you will constantly check to see if you have any missed calls or messages. Also, you will check your Facebook or Instagram (or any other social networks) notifications, and you may end up spending an hour on these platforms. Also, your TV or laptop need to be turned off.

  • Find the right place to study

If you decide to study in your room, you need to find a comfortable place to stay: you can stay in your bed (but don’t fall asleep) or in a big chair. If it’s possible, let the sun light your room. It can improve your mood. Also, you need silence when you’re studying. If it isn’t quiet at your place, you can always go to the library.

  • Prepare your materials

Before you start studying, search for all the materials you need: course’s notes, books, papers, pens, highlighters, etc. This way, you won’t lose time while you’re studying. Also, you can have a bottle of water and a snack (e.g. nuts, yogurt, fresh fruits, etc.) beside you, so you don’t waste time in the kitchen when you get hungry or thirsty.

  • Find a partner to study

If you don’t like to study alone, and it helps you if you share ideas, then this can be a good tip. Make sure before you choose your partner that he/she is on the same page as you (you both want to learn and not waste time). Or you can ask for help from one of the essay services.

Once you begin to study, at some point, your mind might start wandering around, so you need to know how to stay focused while studying.

  • Take breaks

Studying is a complex process, and you need to take a break from time to time. It’s more effective if you plan your breaks (you can use an alarm). Study for 45-50 minutes, then take a break for 10 or 15 minutes. Use the break in order to move a little bit around or do some stretching exercises. Don’t stay on break more than 20 minutes. Does it matter if we take breaks? Yes. After you read and learn so much information, your brain needs to be relaxed for a while.

  • Find your motivation

Motivation is part of our daily activities, so it may represent the key to efficient studying. Motivation is what makes us try harder. It’s important to motivate yourself and set goals. But be careful that motivation works differently on people. Ask yourself: ‘Why am I studying?’ and the answer may help you. After you’ve achieved one of your goals, reward yourself.

how to stay focused while studying hard

  • Manage your time

It’s hard to learn how to stay focused studying, but you need to keep on trying. Plan a schedule. Write on paper what you have to study and divide the materials per hours or per days. It’s easier to focus when everything is well-organized. Things can become really simple if studying becomes part of your routine.

You need to know when you are more efficient, in the morning or at night, so you can see when to plan your hardest tasks.

  • Don’t let the negative feelings affect you

Firstly, you need to remain calm. Don’t let the anxiety control your mind. You may have a lot to learn, and you think you don’t have enough time. If you stay calm, you will find a solution; you will find the answers to your questions and at least you will have a chance to get the main idea. Don’t discourage yourself.

Habits can make the process of learning a lot easier. Try to set a routine and find the place where you can focus. If you give your best, the results will be great. Be confident in your knowledge.