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  • Best Ideas for Horror Halloween Face Makeup and Paintings
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Posted: October 26, 2016

Best Ideas for Horror Halloween Face Makeup and Paintings

Content halloween face makeup and paintings

1. Halloweentown's beloved pumpkin king Jack is also beloved by people all over the world. Check out this version of Halloween costume for you and your baby!

Girl dressed as pumpkin king Jack

2. If you liked the look of Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad as much as we did consider using her style for this Halloween. Her makeup isn’t too difficult to make, but is very impressive.

The look of Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

3. One of the most popular and scary face paint ideas for Halloween is the skeleton makeup. There are a lot of variations, choose one you like the most.

Skeleton makeupAnother skeleton makeup

4. You can’t imagine Halloween without zombies! Try this Halloween face makeup to get that deadly look.

Halloween zombie makeupHalloween zombie makeup with lensesSexy Halloween zombie makeup

5. This look might need more work to get, but it’s definitely worth it. You will scare the hell out of everyone with such face paint.

Melting face makeup

Fang makeup

6. To continue the theme of flesh and blood, try this Halloween face paint idea. It’s easy, yet very frightening.

Flesh and blood makeup

7. Movies taught us that the dolls might be dangerous. This Halloween face makeup is perfect if you want to be scary but are tired of painting blood.

Halloween doll makeup

8. If you want to go to the Halloween party with your significant other try this look. Skeletons are the “must” of any Halloween and it’s twice better when you have matching costumes with your partner.

Skeleton costumes for two

9. Another great idea for Halloween couple costume is connected to the sea world. You can be Bootstrap Bill Turner from Pirates and the Caribbean and mermaid.

Bootstrap Bill Turner and mermaid costumes