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Posted by Eric

Posted: August 08, 2017

How to Re-Write a Paragraph (or more) without a Plagiarism Charge

How to Re-Write a Paragraph (or more) without a Plagiarism Charge

Technology is a wonderful thing. It lets you have your smart phones, the Internet, and access to information and people all over the planet. It also gives you some very cool tools if you are a student. You can do research; you can join online study groups; you can use note-taking apps and citation generators.

One thing that you should not do, however, is access databases of essays and papers and try to turn them in as your own. You know better, of course. Plagiarism checkers will catch that in seconds.

What About Re-Writing?

Another thing that technology has provided is a number of tools for text rewriting online. Sometimes they are called “spinning” tools. There is a wide range of tools, including the following:

  • A free rewriter tool that will take pasted content and re-write it so that it may pass a plagiarism scan
  • A free rewriting sentences generator that focuses only on smaller pieces of content.
  • An article rewriter online tool that could be used by blog post writers to “spin” content that someone else has written.
  • A rewrite essay generator that will “spin” essays or papers that a student might find online and want to use.
  • Some students try to re-write a longer piece paragraph by paragraph, and will use a rewrite paragraph generator tool, hoping that smaller chunks of texts at a time might get something more original.
  • Other free tools will rewrite synonym words for students as they are writing their essays and papers – sort of an online thesaurus.

How Good are These Tools?

This is the subject of a lot of discussion. Sites like EZ Rewriter have been around for a long time, and the verdict is kind of mixed. It seems that a rewrite sentence generator online may do a better job than a rewriting tool free online that takes on larger amounts of content. So, a rewrite paragraph generator may not be as good, and a full essay rewriter free online tool will do even worse., as will a free online article rewriter.

Free Tools vs. Fee-Based Tools

There are a large number of text rewriter free online tools. These tools tend to use older software and have not spent the money to invest in some of the more current machine-generated tools, many of which use artificial intelligence and machine learning. The thing that machine learning does is develop internal knowledge that learns language nuances, syntax details, and vocabulary. So, if you use a free rewrite sentences tool (or paragraph, essay, article, etc.), you are likely not to get a really good re-write. And if article writers are looking for the best free online article rewriter tool, the verdict is still out.

If you choose to use a text rewriter free online tool, you need to be prepared to review it very carefully and correct the errors that will be there.

Fee-based tools on the other hand, tend to be better. You do, actually, get what you pay for. If you decide to reject content rewriter online free tools and go for the fee-based tools, you will get a better result, but it won’t be perfect. Going over the text manually will still be necessary, and that means that you have the skills to catch the mistakes.

Don’t Be Lazy

It’s really tempting to just plug in a sentence to a free rewriting sentences tool; it seems “smart” to just say, “I’ll just find a free tool to rewrite my paragraph online;” and content writers may just let an online free article rewriter do their work for them.

These are lazy activities and may turn out badly for you. As online rewriting generators have become more sophisticated, so have plagiarism detection tools. You may want to think twice and consider another option.

The Better Option

So, you can look for a sentence rewriter online free tool; you can try to find the best free online article rewriter; you can even narrow things down to a tool that will rewrite a paragraph online for free. But you will always have to review what you get. And you will always have to do some manual re-writing of what you get.

The foolproof option is to hand a piece of writing over to a professional writing service – one that will assign a custom writer who can re-write the piece for you.

Do some research. Find the best websites for essay writing, and choose to get your sentences, paragraphs, essays, and papers written from scratch. They will pass even the most sophisticated plagiarism checkers because they are completely original.

So, how to rewrite a paragraph without plagiarism? Use a professional writing service and actually get an original piece of writing.