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Posted by Eric

Posted: July 11, 2017

Free Online Plagiarism Software For Students

Free Online Plagiarism Software For Students

Did you know that there is plagiarism software online that matches or closely matches the online plagiarism software your instructors use? It’s true! Even better, there is plagiarism software free online for you to use or download. Keep reading to learn what this free  plagiarism software online can do to you. We will look at common features, and give you some recommendations in what you should expect when using plagiarism software online for free.

Expected Functions of Software to Detect Plagiarism

There are dozens of online plagiarism software that’s free. Each works just a bit differently. However, most have many of the same functions. Here are the things that you should be able to expect from online free plagiarism software.

  • The Online Check Plagiarism Software Should be Able to Read a Variety of File Types. Whether you use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Evernote, Open Office, or other tool to write your papers, you shouldn’t have to convert your files to upload them to plagiarism check software.
  • You Should be Able to Run a Plagiarism Scan by Copying And Pasting Text or Providing a URL in Addition to Uploading a File
  • You Should be Able to Read an Interactive Display Showing Every Place Where There May be Content That is Not Original
  • The Software Should Understand various Citation Formats
  • You Should be Able to Print or Save an Originality/Plagiarism Scan Report to a File

Now, these are just the basics. Here are some other things to consider. The software should be easy to use. You shouldn’t be inundated with loads of ads or requests to download a bunch of unnecessary stuff. The software should work efficiently without taking up a ton of bandwidth. It should be mobile friendly, and intuitive. Beware of plagiarism scanning websites or apps that are full of spelling and grammatical errors.

Testing Plag Checkers Before You Select One

It’s so important to pick a plagiarism checker that really works. This means choosing one that was developed by reputable team, and that has access to a database of papers and documents so that they can accurately tell you whether or not your document contains work that is uncited or is otherwise plagiarised.

We recommend that you test any software out by submitting content that you know has been plagiarised. Start with submitting common pieces of literature, snippets from political pieces, and copying articles from academic databases. If these things are not red flagged, be careful. This is why the most popular plagiarism scanning packages are usually the best.

Conclusion: Our Final Recommendations

We think that every student should make an effort to check their papers using plagiarism software online for free. This way you will be protected from any allegations of academic dishonesty. Remember that it is possible to inadvertently plagiarise content by simply missing a citation or misusing quotes. If you elect to use one of the writing services we have reviewed, we strongly suggest obtaining an originality report along with your document.