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  • Plagiarism Detection Software: How to Cheat. Spoiler Alert!
Posted by Eric

Posted: July 01, 2017

Plagiarism Detection Software: How to Cheat. Spoiler Alert!

Plagiarism Detection Software: How to Cheat. Spoiler Alert!

So, you want to know how to cheat plagiarism detection software. Maybe you want to learn how to cheat plagiarism software out of simple curiosity, but let’s be honest it’s most likely because you want to get a paper to bypass a plagiarism checker. You aren’t alone. Students have been trying to figure out how to cheat plagiarism scanners for years. Their attempts have sometimes been successful. In other cases, they have failed miserably.

Know What is at Risk if You Try to Learn How to Cheat Anti Plagiarism Software

If you need to bypass turnitin plagiarism software or another scanner, you must have a paper that you did not write. You may have taken the paper from the internet, or received it from a friend. In other instances, you may have written some of the paper yourself, but lifted other content. For some reason you cannot or will not properly cite your sources.

Students do this for many reasons. They don’t have time to write and research properly. They don’t understand the subject matter. It varies. However, before you proceed, know what you are risking.

If your efforts to fool plagiarism scanning tools does not work, you will almost assuredly face serious consequences. If you have a particularly understanding professor, that may be limited to failing the assignment. Don’t count on that though. Colleges and universities must protect their reputations by holding very high standards when it comes to academic honesty. More likely than not, your behavior will result in one of the following:

  • Failing The Course With a Note in Your Transcript That it Was Due to Academic Dishonesty
  • Suspension or Expulsion From School
  • Removal From Your Major
  • Academic Probation
  • Being Reported to Any Relevant Licensing Board or Associations
  • Being Stripped of Academic Credentials Such as TA Status

Think very carefully. Is this something you really want to attempt? Are there other options for you?

Do Your Research And Proceed Cautiously

There are several methods that students attempts if they are trying to learn  how to bypass plagiarism software. Some students use macros to fool the scanner. Unfortunately, Turnitin at least, knows how to shut these macros down. Other students copy text into an image file and paste the image into their essay. The scanner sees it as an image and ignores it. However, these words will not count towards your total word count, and that can be a problem. A third method is to use characters from other languages that closely match the same letters in English.

Remember though that  plagiarism detection software is being constantly updated. This is partially to ensure that whatever methods students attempt to bypass these checks are thwarted. If you want to learn how to bypass turnitin plagiarism and other checkers, be prepared. Make sure you are working with the most recent versions, and that you can access the same software your instructors use.

Consider Alternatives to Learning How to Bypass Plagiarism Scanners

We would like to close by offering a simple alternative. If you don’t have the time or willingness to write your own paper from scratch, please consider using one of the top quality writing services we have reviewed and endorsed. You won’t need to worry about plagiarism software because your paper will be completely original and written just for you.