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  • Want to Study Business or Economics? Here Is The Main Information You Must Know About It
Posted by Eric

Posted: October 01, 2016

Want to Study Business or Economics? Here Is The Main Information You Must Know About It

Want to Study Business or Economics? Here Is The Main Information You Must Know About It

Have you finished high school and you don’t know what field to study? Are you passionate about economy, business or administration? In this article by EssayGuard, you’ll find information regarding business economics.

General information

What is business economics? What business economics does is to search the market for financial problems, to help corporations know what they are confronting with. The subjects you may come across in a business economics course are the following: management, business organization, strategy, and expansion.

If you choose a business economics major, you will develop a series of skills which can be very useful for a future career. For example, your mathematical skills will improve because you have to deal with numbers almost every day. You will be able to think critically and see the advantages or disadvantages of an economic system. You’ll also have the capacity to observe the connections between consumers, producers, and trends.

What should you do as a business economic graduate? You should start looking for internships and then to apply. Developing the path of your career in college is extremely important because it will help you acquire some experience.

What jobs can you get with a business economics degree?

  • Actuary

As an actuary, you’ll have to estimate the financial risks, but also recommend techniques on how to reduce those risks. You’ll have to create reports concerning this matter. You need to be good at mathematics, and know how to speak with people who aren’t specialized in this area if you want to become an actuary.

  • Financial or economic consultant

As an economic consultant, you’ll have to learn about economics models and theories. You need mathematical and analytical skills. A financial consultant needs to give advice concerning business strategies and create reports. 

  • Professional economist

If you want to follow a career as a professional economist, you’ll have to continue your studies at a postgraduate level. What does a professional economist do? He/she will examine economic trends, problems, and data, will create economic reports and forecasts to present to his clients.

  • Accountant

Accountancy gives you several possibilities of working: you can handle the financial status of an individual, business or organization. You’ll have to organize, record, communicate and interpret financial information. You need to use mathematics efficiently and know how to work with a computer. You also need analytical skills.

  • You can have a banking career

What can an economics graduate do in a bank? Well, he/she can analyze data, do financial planning or financial control. He’ll need to give advice to the clients or provide the services that are offered by the bank.

Economics vs. business administration

You don’t know what to choose between economics and business administration? What are the differences between these two? Firstly, business administration is addressed to people who like practical experiences. Those who have a business administration major will be able to find solutions to different problems that a company has encountered. On the other hand, economics is based more on theory.

Whether you have an economics or business administration degree, the starting salary will be attractive for both sides. Here are some more differences between these two.

  • If you choose a business administration major, you’ll acquire more practical skills than you will acquire if you decide on an economics major. Also, you’ll learn how to manage your own business.
  • Economics gives you the possibility to study the financial status of the whole world, while business administration offers you the chance to understand how to run a company.
  • As a business administration graduate you will be able to organize, develop and manage a business, using economics as a tool. As an economics graduate, you’ll have the capacity to analyze the economy at a global or local level.
  • As a business administration graduate you’ll have courses specialized in finance or marketing while as an economics graduate you’ll study mathematics or statistical theory.
  • If you have a business administration degree, you can work as a supply chain analyst, business manager, project manager, sales manager, business analyst.

A business and economics major is an excellent way to learn about what goes around the world. The choice belongs to you. Before you choose a major, think about the future and the possibilities of a career. And what’s more important: do what you like! And if you ever need help with your academic papers - choose the service and get professional assistance.