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Posted by Eric

Posted: February 06, 2016

The Best Websites For Essay Writing Help

The Best Websites For Essay Writing Help

Have you ever wondered what makes a great essay writing service?  If you have ever had the misfortune of losing your hard earned money to bad writing service or you know somebody who has suffered that fate, you already know that a great website on essay writing can be hard to find. Fortunately, after researching and reviewing many different writing service websites, we have identified the characteristics that the best sites for essay writing possess.

A Website That is Easy to Use

When you arrive at an online writing service's website, the first thing you should notice is how easy it is to navigate and understand the website. What exactly does this entail? First of all, it means that everything written on the website is clear and easy to understand. In other words, it should appear to be professionally written by somebody who is either a native English speaker or someone who has learned to write in English at a professional level. In addition to this, the website should be easy to navigate. The following information should either be available on the home page or linked on the home page:

  • Information on Pricing Policies And Discounts
  • Contact Information
  • Live Chat With Customer Service
  • Placing an Order
  • Discounts
  • Customer Testimonials

Good online essay writing websites want customers to be able to locate all of this pertinent information without digging through a bunch of irrelevant pages.

Fair But Not Rock Bottom Pricing

Most writing services charge a price per page. Then, that price may be increased for a number of reasons. These could be:

  • Advanced Grade Level
  • Rushed Deadline
  • Added Deliverables Such as an Annotated Bibliography
  • Using Elite Writers

Of course, to balance this out, the majority of writing services also offer discounts. These include the following:

  • First Time Customer Discount
  • Referral Discounts
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Large Order Discounts
  • Long Time Customer Discounts

Once premiums and discounts are taken into consideration, most good writing services are priced pretty equally. It should be considered a red flag if a writing service charges significantly more than its competitors. However, the bigger red flag is when a company charges extremely low prices. As a general rule, the price per page on a standard paper should not be less than ten dollars. Services that sell papers for a few dollars or even less per page are doing one of two things. They are either reselling plagiarized papers, or they are paying sweat shop wages to their writers. If the latter is true patronizing these services means letting a company get away with mistreating their workers and receiving poorly written documents.

The Best Websites For Writing Essays Encourage Writer to Customer Communication

Any good writing service website will not only allow customers and writers to communicate directly with one another, they will insist upon it. There are many reasons for this. First, when a consumer can speak to a person about the specifics of their assignment and the progress that is being made, the customer is reassured that somebody is actually making progress. In addition to this, direct communication helps to ensure that the final draft will be just right. Finally, direct communication between the writer and the client is the best way to quickly and effectively deal with any questions or concerns that may arise. In fact, when a client and writer communicate on a regular basis, they may mutually discover ways to improve on the final document, or they may uncover a potential problem that they had not previously noticed.