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  • Infographic about Pokemon GO - the most trendy app in 2016
Posted by Eric

Posted: August 15, 2016

Infographic about Pokemon GO - the most trendy app in 2016

Infographic about Pokemon GO - the most trendy app in 2016

No matter where you go, you will see at least one person making circles with their phone and searching for… a pokémon! This game has quickly become super popular and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know about it. Even adults and elderly people can be seen playing it on the streets. We’ve created the infographic for you to find out more about this game and what’s so special about it.

Why Pokemon GO is so popular Infographic

First pokémons appeared on July 6 in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Later on July 13 they were detected in Germany and on July 17 in all the rest Europe countries, Japan and other Asian countries.

In a month it was downloaded more than 7.5 million times. With 1.6 million daily revenues it is probably the most successful mobile game now. In comparison, Clash Royale (the biggest recent hit in mobile gaming) gets $350.000 revenue every day.

It took Pokémon GO only 14 hours to hit No.1 in App Store. This is the second top grossing app after HBO Now.

Interesting that it is the most frequently used app on the phone. An average user spends 43:23 minutes a day playing Pokémon GO, while WhatsApp gets only 30:27 minutes, Instagram – 25:16 minutes, Snapchat – 22:53 and FB Messenger – 12:44. It has also already got more than 6 million mentions in Twitter, 3.5 million photos in Instagram and 3 million mentions in Facebook.

But what made it so popular? This game is revolutionary in several ways. It’s a brand new type of game. It combines social media, online multiplayers and console gaming and makes it with help of augmented reality. It also encourages players to spend more time outside and unites them regardless their age. Pokémon GO released games and social media from computers and moved it to the streets. It is planned to be released in every country, connecting people from different places of the world.

The Pros of Pokémon GO are numerous. It is simple and non-violent and it makes it easier to socialize with new people. But it also has some pretty serious Cons. It distracts you on the streets because you always stare at your phone. It definitely brings you some stress, but some people have also troubles with separating real and virtual world.

With all its benefits and minuses Pokémon GO has become the most popular mobile game. It’s hard to overestimate its meaning to the gaming industry and changes it has brought to the society. And what is your opinion about this game?