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Posted by Eric

Posted: June 20, 2017

Tech for Study Success - It's More than Devices

Tech for Study Success - It's More than Devices

Every fall, students arrive on campus with a myriad of devices – laptops, tablets, phones, iPods, Fitbits, and more. You are probably no exception. And all of these devices will be helpful both with study, for keeping in touch, and for entertainment.

There are also some pretty amazing apps and websites to download that will make study and college life easier. Here are just a few that are among the most favorite.

iPhone, iPad, Fitbit are college helpers

  1. Mint

Okay, so this won’t help you write your research papers, but it could help you lose some of the stress over your finances. You can set up a budget based on your weekly or monthly income, track all of your expenditures, see where you should cut expenses, and set up various alerts. This does much more than your online banking account access.

  1. Ice Cream

This may be the most important tool you download, because you can just do so many things with it. It’s actually a series of apps, and you can pick and choose as you wish. You can covert documents to PDF and vice versa; you can create slideshows; you can covert video formats, resize images, and more. There is even an ebook reader. Check out all of the options – you can make quick work of lots of assignments that require visuals.

  1. Flvto

A lot of assignments involve listening to video presentations. You can access the Flvto website, enter the URL, and view the presentation from anywhere. Every Flvto review out there is very positive. It gives you lots of flexibility in terms of where you want to be physically as you do your viewing and on what device.

  1. Online Writing Services

It happens. No college student gets through his/her academic years without getting behind on assignments. Suddenly there is an essay or paper due that has been forgotten or has been low on the list of priorities. It’s a good idea to explore legit essay writing services in advance, so that you have one “on call” if and when you need it.

  1. Citation Generator Tool

Your parents and grandparents hated inserting those stupid footnotes and typing out those bibliographies. You, on the other hand, can generate those citations in a matter of seconds. Websites like BibMe will do all of this for you, whether you need in-text or end-of-text citations. You enter the information and the format style, and it’s done.

  1. Open Study

This is a social media site with a purpose – instant help with any subject. You can pose any questions about any topic and immediately get responses from all over the planet. You can contribute too, which is a nice thing to do. And, you’ll make new friends and contacts in the process.

  1. Slack

This is another “sort of” social media tool, but it is used by teams of people, in academia, research, and business to collaborate. If you have group projects and everyone needs to stay on top of where everyone else is and communicate through the process, this is a perfect tool.

  1. Getting Deals and Discounts

These won’t help you study better, but it is nice to have apps and sites that help with finances. There are a number of these, so find ones that work best for your needs. A couple that you might want to try are: StudentRate, where you cn get great deals on all sorts of things – textbooks, clothing, electronics, travel, and more; and Half, where you can buy and sell textbooks.

  1. Dragon Dictation

So, you have come back to the dorm with notes from a lecture. You want to organize and consolidate them, but that means more typing. Instead, you can use this dictation tool which will type as you speak. Give your fingers a rest and forget about typos.

So, here’s 9 tools that you will make our life a bit easier. Obviously, there are loads more. Do some research and find the ones that will really work for you. And be grateful you have technology – your parents didn’t.