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  • The Cons of Hiring Essay Writers For Cheap
Posted by Eric

Posted: January 30, 2016

The Cons of Hiring Essay Writers For Cheap

The Cons of Hiring Essay Writers For Cheap

If you are looking to hire essay writers online, there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking for a writing service that charges fair and reasonable prices. In fact, the best academic writing services will offer competitive rates and discounts to their customers. This is done to stay competitive with other writing services. However, if you choose to go with essay writers who charge extremely low prices, you are putting your money and your academic reputation at great risk. Keep reading to learn more about the dangers of hiring writing services that charge rock bottom prices.

Essay Writers Working Online at Cheap Prices Are Rarely Qualified

Think about this. If you are only paying a few dollars, or less per page, there is no way the writers are making very much money. If you had a college degree and professional writing experience, would you be willing to write original research papers, term papers, and essays for less than minimum wage? Of course you wouldn't. Neither would anybody else. That means that the custom essay writers that work on your paper aren't going to be qualified if they are being paid sweat shop wages. If you make a purchase from one of these writing services and somebody actually does write your paper, that person isn't going to have a college degree. Worse, they probably can't speak or write English very well. Unfortunately, all of this is going to be reflected in the essay you receive, and you will have to make extensive modifications.

Cheap Online Essay Writers Mean Plagiarism Danger

Sometimes there simply are no writers. Instead of hiring a full writing staff, many of these super discounted writing services just hire a skeleton staff. Then, when you place your order, they simply go to a library of essays and papers they have sold over and over again. They find one that matches your topic, and they sell it to you as a supposedly custom written, original paper. At most, they may change a few sentences to personalize the document slightly. Unfortunately for you, if you turn the paper in as your own and your instructor runs it through a plagiarism scanner, it will be flagged as a copy of another person's work. At the very least, this means that you will fail the course. You may even be expelled. Of course, if you try to get a refund the company will refuse to respond to you.

Your Bargain Basement Custom Essay Writer Might Take Your Money And Run

One of the biggest risks that you take if you choose to deal with one of these companies is that they are fly by night operations. They know how to get a website up and running quickly, get money from unsuspecting customers, and then disappear without a trace. Then, they open up again under a different name. If you are the victim of a scam like this, the unfortunate truth is that you will probably never get your money back. This means losing your money, and not getting the help you need on your essay.

Using Overly Cheap Online Essay Writers Punishes Good Writers

A good writer works very hard to produce essays and other academic papers that are original, high quality, well researched, and truly customized. Their efforts can help you improve or maintain your academic standing. They may also be the reason that you get to spend more time with family and friends, and less time working on writing assignments. Unfortunately, the more people that opt to use bargain basement writing services, the more difficult it is for talented, professional writers to get work and be paid fair rates.