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Posted: March 16, 2020

Top 10 Career Option After B Tech Civil Engineering

Top 10 Career Option After B Tech Civil Engineering

Life seems easy when you are in college pursuing a degree but the question that arises after the completion of the degree is what to do next? There are so many options present out there but most of the students stay blind-eyed and pick up any job that they get in the campus placement or through any other source. It is important to know about various options present out in the market and pitch for the one that you like. If you have completed your B Tech Civil engineering and are in search of some great options other than just some job that you got in any company, then this article is for you.

A Real Estate Company

These days, there are so many messed up colleges out there who just make students from all the departments participate in any campus drive that they get. But this is completely wrong. If you are really interested to make a career in the same stream where you completed their graduation, then you should go and work for any real estate firm. This is a great opportunity to be on-site and witness everything that you have read practically happen for you. This is one of the greatest opportunities present out there in the market.

Become an Entrepreneur

Not everyone is capable of being an entrepreneur because it takes in a lot of hard work, passion and not to mention knowledge. If you lack any of these then it’s better to cultivate them first and then become an entrepreneur. Owning your own company and working to make your dream come true is very hard and one has to be ready to face all the consequences. So if you have the right ideas and goals set, then this can be considered as one of the best options present out there for you. Startups are budding in India and this is your perfect opportunity.

Prepare for Civils

Civil Service exams are the toughest exams that are present in India and it needs a lot of hard work. There are so many perks of being a civil servant and if you want to enjoy them, you should work hard. Civil exams are a great opportunity to prove your worth. There are so many civil engineers in India who try their luck in these Civil exams.

Higher Studies

You would’ve probably thought about this. If you are interested to learn more and expand your knowledge then this is a great option for you. There are no constraints that you should go for higher studies in your domain, you can opt for an MBA too. This depends upon the interest of the individual. B Tech and MBA is indeed a deadly combination which surely provides you with so many career options.


For most people, it is a privilege to work for the country and protect it. The defense is one of the great options present out there to save the country and protect it. There are three different departments in Defense and you can opt for any of them. Aviation, Navy or Army- all of them are intriguing and gives great self-satisfaction for the employees.

G.A.T.E Exam

G.A.T.E exam is one of the greatest and toughest exams in India. It is an entrance exam to pursue M Tech in the most prestigious universities in India and apart from being an entrance exam most of the companies use it as an option to filter the candidates too and some of the government departments also do the same. The G.A.T.E exam is helpful for the candidates in so many ways and cracking it is surely a great pathway for a career.  To attend GATE exam, you need GATE coaching. You can start GATE coaching in anywhere in India. For example, if you are in Chennai, You can start GATE coaching in any of the best GATE coaching centre in Chennai.

Teaching Career

If you are passionate about sharing knowledge then teaching is a great option for you. After completing your post-graduation, you can opt for teaching. The engineering colleges are increasing like never in the country and there is a bundle of opportunities present out in the market. Teaching is one of the most respected professions present out there and there are so many privileges of being a professor.

Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) Jobs

If you are technically strong and have a clear idea about the topics that you have studied in your four-year course, then PSU is another great option present in front of you. These people are considering G.A.T.E exam to filtrate the candidates and hence you have got another reason to prepare hard for the exam. There are regular postings about the PSU jobs recently and bagging one of these jobs will really make a lot of impact on your career.

State Government Jobs

These jobs are easy to crack when compared to the center government jobs. You can either prepare for bank exams or for some other exams too. these state government jobs focus more on your aptitude and reasoning skills rather than your core knowledge, so it is important for you to become strong in those zones. You are eligible to apply for bank exams pan India and this gives you a great leverage.

M.S in the U.S.

Well here is the last but not the least career opportunity. It is a dream for most of the engineering students out there. It is not easy to crack the exam and get seat of M.S in the U.S. but if you work hard, you will be capable of achieving what you want. GRE score plays an important part in deciding your university so make sure to at least achieve 300+ in GRE test.

Graduation leaves so many students out there in confusion. This is the time when they have to actually make a career. There are so many types of career options out there and some of them are conventional while others are non-conventional. So it is very important for you to choose the right path at the right time so that there won’t be any regrets in the future. It is time to make the right decision for the betterment of your life.


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