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Posted by Eric

Posted: February 18, 2016

Top 10 Interview Questions Everyone Must Prepare

Top 10 Interview Questions Everyone Must Prepare

When having an interview, no one should omit to prepare first and don't rely only on resume writing services help. Besides choosing the right outfit and trying to look as professional as possible, another way to prepare is to search information about the company who is holding the interview, as well as the most common or top 10 interview questions that you will have to face.

This article is going to present the top ten job interview questions, in order to help both employers and candidates.

  1. Why do you think you are suitable for this job?

This may be the most relevant question of the whole interview, which means that an employer should not omit to ask it, and the candidate should be prepared with a good answer. The strong points that recommend someone for the specific position should be mentioned here while avoiding the tendency of exaggerating.

  1. Why should we hire you?

Even though it resembles the first question, this one is trying to highlight other characteristics of the candidate, which are not strongly related to the skills required for the job. If someone can present their professional achievements while answering the first question, here they may refer to honesty, punctuality, and promptness.

  1. What is your greatest strength?

The third of the ten best interview questions is also one of the most common and should reveal a strength that is relevant to the wanted position. If someone is tempted to mention physical force as his greatest strength and he is applying for an office job, he should reconsider his answer.

  1. What is your greatest weakness?

It is important for the employer to see if the candidate has an unbiased opinion about himself and if he is able to admit that he has weaknesses, too. Of course, overwhelming a potential employer with a multitude of weaknesses is always a bad decision.

  1. How would you describe yourself?

This description should be, first and foremost, short. No one is willing to hear someone as he praises himself or how weak he considers. When going to an interview, a person should prepare a short speech about himself. It is a must that your speech includes both your qualities and defects.

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This question is important because it reveals the intentions of the candidate. In order to make a good impression, a person should avoid radical answers that totally exclude the leaving the company from his future. Otherwise, the employers may consider that the investment done by their company in his training is not worthy, as the candidate is not willing to remain here for a long term. Out of the top 10 job interview questions this is probably the one that employees ask most often.

  1. Why did you leave from the previous job?

This question is a tricky one, and may reveal a lot about the candidate. Of course, no one leaves a job because he was completely satisfied with it, but the best way of dealing with this question is to answer in a positive manner, such as: “I have decided that I want to work for a company where I can put to practice what I’ve learned, next to my experience”.

  1. Talk about a difficult situation you have encountered in your career and how did you manage it.

Now is the moment when the employer is looking for practical answers about the candidate’s skills and abilities. Unfortunately, not many people are prepared for this question, so they hesitate to provide an answer. Providing one of the best job interview answers to this question may even land you the desired position.

  1. Mention a positive and a negative thing that your last boss has said about you.

“I have no idea” is the worst answer. Even though the boss didn’t express his opinion about you, it is recommended to answer the question by mentioning this, and then start with “he would probably say that…”.

  1. What are your salary expectations?

A clear answer will be appreciated by an employer, but the candidate should not mention unrealistic amounts of money. Most probably, the interviewers will also present their offer before receiving an answer.