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Posted by Eric

Posted: February 25, 2016

What Are the Pro's of College Education?

What Are the Pro's of College Education?

Analyzing the main advantages and disadvantages of going to college is crucial when taking such an important decision. Unfortunately, most of them are thinking about the aspects that affect them in the short term. But the benefits of college are long-term factors that will influence your entire life.

This article will shortly present some of the most significant benefits of a college education, which are going to improve someone’s life quality.

  • Higher Paying Jobs

No matter the field, the jobs that require a college degree always have higher salaries compared to those who don’t. A higher level of education will assure you a better job and a certain financial stability.

In fact, this is perfectly normal, as such a job requires higher skills and better knowledge in a particular field. Of course, the differences regarding the average salary vary from area to area. However, in America, this gap is significant. Statistics show that a high school graduate earns around $30,000 per year, a bachelor’s graduate $50,000 while someone with a higher level degree has an average annual salary of $70,000.

Most people consider this aspect when deciding on a college education, as this is one of the most significant benefits of a college degree.

  • Job Stability

Probably the second factor that comes into your mind when it comes to college benefits is the job stability. A college degree will assure someone a higher job security, especially because during a recession, the jobs that are cut first are those who don’t require such a degree. Statistics reveal that the unemployment rate is definitely lower in the case of college graduates, compared to high school graduates.

  • Make Friends

During the college years, many people are bonding with their colleagues, creating long-lasting friendships. Why? The reason is quite simple: throughout college, you will meet persons who have the same interests as you and spend long hours with them, learning and having classes together.

Not to mention that these friends may help you with various career opportunities. As you have a close friend who works for a big company in the field of your college degree, you will have greater chances of finding out about available jobs in there, for sure. Moreover, a recommendation received from someone from the inside matters a lot for obtaining a job.

  • Take Advantage of Your Professors’ Knowledge

Learning from the experts is one of the main benefits of a college education. You will never find anyone else who is so willing to share their experience or knowledge in a company. Of course, in that environment, everyone is competitive, wanting to be the best at their job. On the other side, instructors are trying to teach you as much as they can, and you can benefit even more from their experience if you get to know them better. They love sharing their knowledge; that’s why they are professors.

Furthermore, creating strong relationships with them may help you to find a better job. Usually, they can recommend your for different positions or suggest you best workplaces.