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When you are in a rush to get your school projects done, it might send you into a panic when you see exactly how little time you have left. In this case, websites such as can help students out in their time of need. Since there are so many websites of the type, how do you know which one is reliable and which one isn’t?

This is exactly why we are here, to help you determine whether or not a service is worth using. Is true to their words of providing high-quality services for their clients? We’ll see about that pretty soon, as we will be reviewing the features and benefits provided by this service in comparison to other similar services. 


As the name suggests, provides services for students who need academic written content. Their list of services includes a variety of features, going from rewriting to editing – and down to writing a paper from scratch. 

You may also ask for timed projects or PowerPoint presentations directly relating to an essay. That said, you may notice that essay work is the only thing you may order from this website. You don’t have any business work, resume work, annotated bibliography, statistics projects, problem-solving, or any other types of student help. It’s just the essay that will be provided to you over a particular deadline, over a specific topic. 

That said, you do have a wide array of paper types to consider. You have coursework, you have classic essays, you have dissertations, you have personal statements, and you even have term and research papers. Supplementary options would be article reviews, critical thinking, and reports.


Compared to other essay writing services, the prices you find on are fairly high. You cannot see an exact price, and the rush fees have quite a confusing way of being calculated. 

For example, the fee for the Premium service rush for hours typically indicates at 100%. This means that they calculate their price based on the deadline rather than the quality. This means that there is virtually no difference in charges between a high school paper and a college paper – although the order still shows that you may make that choice. 

Here is one example: for a high school essay on a 7-day deadline, you will have to pay about $20 per page. This is quite a lot, at least when you compare it to the average writing services of the type. It is also quite disappointing to see that there is no exact price list – which means that you’ll have to create an account and start an order to see an exact price.

We looked for any discounts, coupon codes, or at least a promo code for newcomers – but during our research, we were unable to find anything. We checked both their website and independent reviews, but we were unable to find any proof that any loyalty discounts and benefits are provided. 


In terms of security, is by all means legit and safe. We found no proof of scams occurring there – the worst case being that the paper received was not up to the expectations of the customer. That said, the cause for that is only linked to the inexperience of the writer, and not to any intention of scamming the customers. 

There are various safe methods for you to make the payments. The company accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Skrill, and Discover. Sadly, however, they do not also cover JCB card and Neteller, nor do they accept the option for you to make the payment later. This is quite inconveniencing for students that want to make an order but want to break the payment down into several transactions.

That said, the payment system is very safe and considering that every paying customer receives a paper, there is no issue of fraud happening here. The business, while still in need of some improvement, is highly trustworthy in terms of services. 


Depending on where you read the reviews, the opinions in regard to the expertise of the writers are mixed. Some say that the quality of the writing is great – something that would explain the high prices of the paper. That said, certain people were dissatisfied with the quality of the writing – some even saying that the delivery was not made on time.

Upon going on their website, the “About” section gives you a brief description of the writers, but you cannot see anything about them. Plus, the claim is that they only employ English natives to write down a paper; however, considering that many customers complained of grammatical mistakes, this is rather hard to believe.

Since there is no transparency in regards to the writer, you have no way of finding out their credentials or find out if they are English natives or not. You are not able to contact the writer personally either to ascertain that the paper is headed in the right direction. 


When collaborating with, not only will you get additional benefits that you may opt for yourself, depending on the situation – but you may also enjoy some freebies as well. 

First things first, you have an affiliate program – money-back guarantees, privacy guarantees, and a secure online payment system. Technically speaking, you also have the additional feature of “native English speaker writers” – but as mentioned in the point above, this is quite debatable. 

Sadly, we noticed that this service does not have any editing and proofreading services for papers they offer – even though that is the claim for it. This means that once the paper is written, from the author it will go straight to you – without actually being proofread firsthand. 

As for freebies, you do have several benefits as well. You have a free plagiarism check, free outline, free revisions, free bibliography, free Amendments, and free orders delivery. As you can see, you get various perks with this website. 

That being said, the bad news here is that you do not get free formatting, nor do you get a free title page. This can be quite convenient for students in a rush, particularly if there are any instances where the writer did not deliver the paper on time. 


In the end, we can indeed say that the website is legal and will certainly not try to scam you of money. If you receive a bad grade with your paper, you will receive your money back – but you will have to bring the service proof of the bad grade in the first place.

That said, considering that the services provided were poor in so many instances, people advise that you look for an alternative. Granted, in some instances, the paper delivered was good – but in others, it was packed with grammatical errors and late deliveries. 

Under these circumstances, we could give this product no more than 3 stars. You could indeed get a good grade – but if your professor is picky about the essays they receive, it might put you in a bad light. 









Roman K.: "Bad"

"Honestly, stay away from MyEssayWriter. Their authors are extremely bad, the quality of the texts you get from them are just bad. The text was I got was so bad, even i would have made something better in 1 minute. The author I got didnt even understand the basics of scientific work, nothing (citation, etc.). This agency promises a lot, but what you get is nothing. The only thing I’ve achieved through this company is wasted time and wasted money. "

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