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Welcome to our OxBridgeEssays.com review. If you are not a student in the UK, this Oxbridge Essays review will not be of much interest to you. We learned from looking at their website and reading OxBridgeEssays reviews that this writing service only meets the needs of British students. All grade levels, currencies, and other information are designed for this audience. There isn’t even an option to convert OxbridgeEssays prices to other currencies. To write this review we took the following steps:

Read a variety of OxBridgeEssays customers reviews
Sought out positive Oxbridge Essays testimonials
Researched online to determine that Oxbridge essays is legit
Secured an academic writing product
Reviewed the writing product for quality and accuracy
Explored the website
Read policy pages
Searched for articles and other information online addressing legal issues, press releases, or other newsworthy events.
Compared prices to other services
Engaged with customer support
Examined the payment process to ensure it was safe

To learn if this service is reliable, keep reading.

Services and Features Available

This is an academic-only website. They offer students solely to UK students. These include essays, presentations, coursework, dissertations, thesis writing, and other assignments. In addition to writing, students can also seek out proofreading and editing. There is also coursework writing assistance available.

Pricing System and Discounts

These prices are exceptionally high. In fact, for 500 words customers report being charged the equivalent to more than 100 USD. This is the most expensive we have encountered. On top of this, there are no oxbridgeessays.com discounts. Our search for an Oxbridgeessays coupon code included searching the website and elsewhere online.

Security Level

Security appeared to be normal. The company uses standard payment processing methods. We did not encounter any issues. A check of our card statement revealed that the payment had posted correctly. We believe students are safe making a payment. SSL protection is what is used to secure payments.

Writer Expertise and Delivery

Most students report receiving their essay on or before the day it was due. Once we obtained a completed paper, we read it several times. Our goals were to determine that it was free from spelling and grammatical mistakes, that the length and formatting were correct, and that sources were properly cited. Then, we read it for quality. We wanted to ensure that it was written at a college level, that the sources were academically sound, and that the writing and transitions were appropriate.  While there were some errors, it was mostly acceptable. Our issues were that for the price they simply did not give us much. The writing was hardly stellar or insightful. The sources were a bit pedestrian.

Students shared that the service does allow them to speak with writers directly. The only issue with this is that many were told that progress was going well on their papers. Then, they received writing that was often mediocre at best. 

Additional Benefits

One thing we were impressed with was the blog posts that we found are divided into different categories such as students, academics, and writing. The few posts we read were quite well-written and would be of interest to students. Unfortunately, it was difficult to actually access and read these blog posts. The site had very bad performance issues. It frequently set off warnings from Malware software and was very slow to load. The other negative was that many of the academic blog posts read as sales posts rather than good informational content.

In addition to this, students can pay extra for a phone consultation. We did not order this service though and cannot comment on it. The site also contains an FAQ page that does answer a few basic questions.

As we explored the Oxbridge Essays website, we took the time to read their policy page documents. These are the pages that explain their terms of services, money back guarantees, and other policies. We were mainly interested in their privacy policy. This document explains how they collect, store, and use customer data. We wanted to be certain they could be trusted.

Based on this document, all is well, at least in terms of privacy. Their privacy policy document is detailed, yet very clear. It contains contact information. It also provides detail regarding how data is collected, what it’s used for, and what customers have the right to do regarding their personal data. We learned that customers may request their data to be deleted or fixed. The company is GDPR compliant. That is not surprising as they are headquartered in the  UK.


Our final OxbridgeEssays.com rating is more. First and foremost, it would be nearly impossible to earn our recommendation at these prices. They are truly over the top, and simply not worth the money at any level of quality. There are certainly other writing services that offer better quality at barely a fraction of the cost. Please consider using these instead. UK students, in particular, should understand that there are other service providers who can meet their needs.

In addition to cost, there were other factors that impacted our decision. While writing quality wasn’t bad, it was no better than average. Most students can write at this level themselves. In addition to this, customer service was difficult to contact. The website, while attractive, was not easy to navigate. There were also no Oxbridge Essays promo codes to help with pricing.

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