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This Paper Due Now review has been prepared to supply consumers with factual information about this online writing service. The company has been in business since 2010, and there is quite a bit of information on the web, so we have been able to find PaperDueNow customer reviews on several other review sites and on social media. These, along with the site content and an evaluation of a product we ordered, have formed the basis of our summary report which follows.

Services and Features Available

The website of Paper Due Now lists the products and services it provides. Its obvious focus is on academic writing, for that is the largest category of products. Writing products from essays through Ph.D. dissertation chapters are available for order by undergraduate and graduate students. Customers may also order help with difficult coursework tasks and test-taking. The company does not serve high school students.

Our review of the site also determined that there are non-academic products available for order as well – admissions and personal statement essays, resumes and CV’s, and a category of “other,” which we were able to determine refers to copywriting services for web-based businesses.

In terms of features, customers have options of deadline requirements from three hours to 14 days and to choose a US or a UK writer, based upon their background and institution. The company also provides sample essay writings so that customers can review the quality of writing that is produced.

Pricing System and Discounts

PaperDueNow prices begin at $9.97page for a basic undergraduate essay and graduate steadily to a peak of $56/page for Ph.D. essay products. Admissions essay are very pricey, going up to $197/page with a short deadline. Test-taking is expensive too with a minimum cost of $1 per question with a 14-day deadline. discounts can be obtained through a variety of methods. Customers may “like” and “follow” n Facebook and Twitter and receive small discounts; 10% of every order price will placed in an account to be used to offset future order costs; and there is a Paper Due Now coupon code for orders that reach $500 or $1000, of 5 – 10% respectively.

We did not find any Paper Due Now promo codes for new customers.

Overall, the program of discounts is comparable to those of other writing services.

Security Level (and how to proceed with payment)

The site does have written policies that protect customer identity, and that is a good thing.

Payment methods include all major debit/credit cards, and protection of customer financial information is in place through the use of a third-party SSL-certified processor. We were quite comfortable making payment through the company’s system.

content paper duenow

Writer Expertise and Delivery

Writer expertise is determined by the samples that we found on the site itself, Paper Due Now testimonials found on the site, PaperDueNow reviews by customers off-site, and our assessment of the ordered paper delivered to us. We can state the following:

  • As expected, the on-site testimonials are all positive
  • Off-site comments pointed to a number of issues with quality of writing, specifically structure of the pieces and grammatical errors.
  • Our own PaperDueNow reviews of on-site samples reflected run-on sentences, incorrect word and verb tense usage, and a lack of thesis statements in the introductions of the pieces.
  • The research paper we received reflected the same issues that we saw in the samples

Delivery of ordered products consistently met deadlines.

Based upon these factors, we ca definitely state that Paper Due Now is legit; however, there are serious concerns about writing quality.

Additional Benefits

Papers Due Now provides the standard benefits that other writing services offer – free title page and bibliography, as well as revisions, formatting, and plagiarism scans of products.

We were unable to find any additional benefits that would be attractive to customers.

Overall, we can say that Papers Due Now is a legitimate online writing company that does fulfill customer orders for writing and does deliver those orders on time. Our concerns lie with the quality of writing and we have to question the expertise and backgrounds of the writers, considering the prevalence of poor writing quality. Our rating is “Fair.”

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Ana L: "Very expensive- Low quality"

"They are not professional at all... very poor quality, do not follow instruction, grammar mistakes, citation mistakes. They wrote works cited but when I read and compared with paper that was not from resource which they cited!!!! Very expensive for poor quality. I need check everything and correct their mistakes because they will not try to correct it, they just make any correction."









Shawn: "Course work in 10 days"

"Quite on time and of the nice quality. A bit expensive, maybe not even a bit. Plagiarism report didn`t show much effort in the provided work either. I hope that it will meet my expectations and bring the good score I expect. "









Jenna: "English essay, APA, 48 hours, freshman"

"Interesting custom writing service to work with. Almost everything went perfect while we worked together. But at the end, I did not get the discount I was promised and there was a small mistake with formatting that should have been noticed by their expert. Still, I think it`s a quite nice place for urgent orders of an average quality. "

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