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Smart Custom Writing is an online custom writing service that has been in business for about 6 years. During that time, it has come to the attention of our review site administrators, and, in keeping with our goals to review as many writing services as possible, we are presenting this Smart Custom Writing review for students and other professionals who wish to have factual and objective information about writing services they may be considering. Our mission is to give consumers the information they need to make good choices in choosing trusted and reliable companies for the products and services they receive. 

As we reviewed, we used the same criteria that we do for all writing services. This includes information that we have accumulated from the website content, from Smart Custom Writing testimonials found on that website, from consumer reviews found on other sites and social media, and from the results of reading and evaluating some of the writing products the company has produced for its clients. The following is a summation of our investigation and experience.

Services and Features Available

The products and services that Smart Custom Writing offers are published on the site in several locations. These include every type of academic writing, editing and proofreading services, coursework assignment completion, multiple-choice question test-taking, college and grad school admissions writing, resumes and CV’s, and copywriting services for e-commerce businesses.

Other features that make this service attractive include direct communication between the customer and the assigned writer, and the right to review final drafts and request revisions at no charge.

The customer support department seems to be quite knowledgeable, which indicates that they are company employees who have been trained, rather than just answering service contractors. In fact, we made two calls to verify that they were indeed open 24/7, one during the day and one late at night on a Sunday. Our calls were promptly answered as were our questions, one set about research papers and another set about graduate research projects.

The site also features a blog which contains posts of interest to students and professionals alike.

Our rating in the area of services and features is “Excellent.”

Pricing System and Discounts

SmartCustomWriting prices begin at $12.99/page for a basic ed upon all of thhigh school essay and graduates upward to $36.00/page for graduate-level research products with reasonable deadlines. Very urgent deadlines will add to these prices. There are discounts published on a separate link. Regular discounts are provided once a customer has spent a certain total for products or services. A $400-dollar total expenditure results in a 5% discount on all subsequent orders; a 10% discount is provided once total purchases exceed $599, and a lifetime 15% discount is given to any customer whose total becomes $800. There are also Smart Custom Writing promo codes for a 15% discount for new customers. The link on discounts also states that there are periodic special pricing sales published on it site with a SmartCustomWriting coupon code. This is valuable, especially for students who are usually on tight budgets.

Security Level

Security measures are in place for both protection of personal information and privacy of customer use of this service and for payment processes. Customer names and other personal information are secured, encrypted, and protected by firewalls. There is a safe and trusted third-party payment processing procedure in place, so that financial information is protected in the same manner that it is protected on all e-commerce retail sites. Customers state that they are comfortable providing their financial information for payment.

Writer Expertise and Delivery

The site states that all writers have educational and experiential backgrounds in their writing fields and are certified at the levels for which they write. Because this is often impossible to check, we use other methods to evaluate writer expertise – SmartCustomWriting customer reviews that we find on social media and other review websites and our own review of a few products they have produced.

Customer comments indicate satisfaction with their products. Specific positive comments also related to following customer instructions, meeting deadlines, good resources, and high-quality writing. One college research paper we reviewed seemed to confirm these comments. Resources and writing style were of high quality and appropriate for the college level. As well, customer specifications were honored and they received the paper one day in advance of their deadline. Customers also stated that they were able to speak directly with their writers and request any changes they wanted.  

Based on all of this information, we give Smart Custom Writing high marks for quality and service.

Additional Benefits

Our SmartCustomWriting review included an investigation of additional benefits that customers receive. In addition to the discounts, several pages (title, bibliography, table of contents and outline) are provided for free. Revisions are free as is formatting and a plagiarism scan on all products. Industry-wide, this is the top level of benefits offered.


We are quite impressed with the products, quality of products and customer service provided by this company. Of course, the best indicator of its quality is determined by SmartCustomWriting reviews of actual customers. Based upon that and our own assessment that the service is both trusted and reliable, we feel comfortable in giving this company a rating of “Excellent."

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Bjorn: "Nice, but not 100%"

"In general, the writing help I was given satisfied me for about 90%. I didn`t like the way of communication with the support, could call it the main reason I give these points to smartcustomwriting. Though the level of the quality is high and my research proposal doesn`t miss any topics nor samples that should be in it. Maybe I just got a bad support team specialist? "









Peter: "Nicely done papers"

"I ordered two different papers for college and am literally impressed with the got outcome. Super service from their support too. And 20% discount. If I haven't experienced it myself, I would have thought that was a lying story. Highly recommend for coworking)))"









Beth: "Pretty impressive"

"My order easily met the deadline and consisted of every element I had asked for. Excellent writing job was done. Moreover, a discount of 10% and a 5% off for the next order. The order of an essay in English literature fully satisfied me. I think that in the future I would use this service again, its team is reliable and can be trusted. "

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