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Each passing year, thousands and thousands of college students are struggling with their thesis, unable to put one together well enough to impress their professor. In this case, websites such as ThesisHelpers can take you out of a great bind and keep you from failing your grade, as they can simply do the most difficult part for you. Once they deliver the paper to you, all you have to do is prepare for it and get down with the facts. 

In that sense, there are still numerous websites out there – so how do you know this one is any good? Well, we will review it based on the benefits and their efficiency. This way, you should be able to learn for yourself whether this service is suitable for your needs. 


This essay writing service has quite a wide array of services and features, making it pretty much a gold mine for anyone trying to write their thesis. In that regard, ThesisHelpers offers help for students of every level, regardless if they are bachelor, masters, or doctorate level. They also cover pretty much any area of study, regardless if you need one in linguistics and computer science. 

Now, opinions are mixed here in regard to the editing service. Some reviews say that they are provided, whereas others say that they aren’t. In this regard, it probably depends on the paper or the writers assigned. It is quite a deal-breaker that you cannot see it mentioned clearly on their website – particularly if you already have the paper, but it only needs a few extra tweaks. 


The basic prices for thesis papers go around $25.98, but it will also depend on exactly what kind of paper you are going for. This is quite affordable, particularly considering the price that most essay writing services go for. At the same time, you also need to remember that the type of essay writing will also influence the price; the higher its level, the less you will have to pay as well.

At the same time, according to reviewers, editing and proofreading projects start at $17.45. This will depend exactly on the length of the project, but while their full writing tasks are priced quite attractively, their editing services are still quite expensive. The advantage here is that for that money, you may choose the writer yourself and you have complete control over how your paper is handled.

In terms of discounts, you do get some of them from time to time. In most cases, they are given upon the first order, as a promo code – but there are also cases when you can get the occasional coupon codes. These can be given upon specific times – sometimes random, other times linked with the holidays. This is why you need to keep an eye out for any potential offers that might occur. 

In the cases where the initial prices are very high, you can also go for a project with a longer deadline and pay the money in installments. This way, you may pay the first installment when you make the order, and then the rest as the paper progresses. Once you reach the final stage of the paper, you will be required to provide the final installment. It might not be as convenient as writing services that allow for a much bigger timeframe, but it is still a great way to take off the initial financial constraint. 


In terms of security, we haven’t seen any issues with this service. Each time a transaction is made, the client will certainly receive a paper in return – so no sign of fraud here. For the price that we paid, we certainly received a well-written paper – albeit still in need of a few modifications. 

They use all the most common payment methods, including Visa and MasterCard. Moreover, if you do not want for the money withdrawal to show up on your card, you may opt for making a bank transfer. You just need to contact them beforehand so that they can walk you through the payment. 


When it comes to the expertise of the writers, there are different opinions scattered across the wide internet. Granted, there are quite a lot of positive reviews on their page, but the reviews on independent review websites may vary. Many people found great use in their content – but at the same time, some were not satisfied with the results. 

Our experience with them was something in-between. We did not get the most stellar paper out there, packed with all the whistles and bells – one that would make the professor think it was written by no other than a genius. However, we did receive an okay-written paper that would probably easily get a passing grade. 

The paper itself was well-researched, although there were a few hiccups there in terms of grammar. Certain words were repeating themselves, and there were a few typos that were probably not caught upon proofreading. However, this could easily be done by you as you receive the paper – or by the service, if you pay the extra fee. That said, since the purpose of buying the paper is for getting rid of the mistakes, it might not feel fair to you to pay for typos. 

Delivery was also something of a hiccup here. While the writer was not too late with our paper, there was still a two-hour delay. This could have proven to be quite inconvenient if we were students on a tight schedule. It might cost them their grade. 


One benefit that this website offers is its 24/7 customer support. This means that if you are tight on the deadline or you need information, you will receive them within minutes. That sail, while you may indeed receive an answer from the customer support staff, this does not mean that they will begin working on your order or assign you someone right away. You’ll have to wait for the writer for that. 

This service guarantees a plagiarism checker for your paper as well. If your paper comes out plagiarized, you are entitled to get your money back. Plus, if you aren’t satisfied with your work or you get a bad grade on your paper, you are also entitled to getting your money back. All you have to do is to give proof or explain what exactly is wrong with your paper.

That said, for the money-back guarantee to kick in, you will have to make your query within the first 60 days. Otherwise, you will not be able to open a case again and get your money back.


In the end, if you are in a bind, this website can certainly take you out of it – but don’t expect to get a top grade on it. You will get a decent one, and you certainly not fail the class – but considering the occasional mistakes, your grade might be affected. 

For the price you pay, it should still be very convenient. However, if you are looking for the perfect thesis delivered no doubt on time, then you might want to look for an alternative. 









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"If you tell that you are great and want to do so much money for doing nothing, then you should do your job properly, if you can not do something, then you should keep your hands off it. And that’s exactly what Thesis Helpers should do, keep your hands off the scientific writing!"

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