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Picking a writing service is always something that should be done with utmost attention – particularly when you consider that your grade depends on this. If you choose the right writing service, you can enjoy the benefits of a tranquil semester – with no actual worries about what there is to come. That said, if you choose the wrong one, you may end up ruining your entire college work – all the way down to your dissertation. 

That said, considering that UKDiss has been around since 2003, it should be alright, shouldn’t it? Well, there are many opinions in that regard – and we are here to clarify them. We’ve reviewed this website based on our own experience and observations, along with the reviews that we found from other previous users. 


This essay writing service provides various academic services and features for those in need of them – with most of the focus, however, being on dissertation work. That said, you can ask for them to write a dissertation from scratch, to edit your existing dissertation, or to write a dissertation proposal.

Also, in the dissertation category, you have the option of topics with title services along with literature review services. This means that if you need high-end dissertation work, this essay writing service should be the one you turn your attention towards.

Other convenient services are also provided. For example, you may get marking and proofreading services for your previously written essays. This is quite a convenient option if you already have a decently written paper in terms of content, but you aren’t particularly sure of your grammar or spelling.

Editing services are also placed at your disposition. If you have already finished your dissertation but were asked by your advisor to make a few adjustments, this service offers to “prep it up” for you. Editing requires more modification than your average proofreading, which is why they aim to make things easier for you.

On a final note, this website only offers services for dissertation. If you are looking for a website that can write an essay or a typical semester assignment, this might not be a good alternative for you. Also, bear in mind that the essay writing service is originating in the United Kingdom – so be ready to make your payments in British pounds. 


The website does not have a page where prices are disclosed, which means you will only be able to see how much you owe once you start making your order. Unlike most essay writing services that charge per page, this one charges per the number of words that you ask for. 

As an example, an undergraduate level paper with a length of 500 words (just a little over one page) on a two-week deadline will cost you about £88.00. On the other hand, if you choose a 24-hour deadline, you may need to be prepared to pay up more. The same paper on that deadline will cost £231.

As for discounts, this website is also quite convenient. First things first, you have the referral discount. If you refer UKDiss to a friend, you will get a 15% discount for yourself – and at the same time, your friends will also receive a 10% promo code for their first order.

Long delivery orders will also receive discounts; the longer the deadline, the more you will have cut off from the price. For example, if you choose a 14-day delivery, you will get a 5% discount. On the other hand, if you plan things right and order a 28-day delivery, you will get a 10% discount. This is quite a convenient choice if you have quite a lengthy dissertation and are on a budget.

Coupon codes are also given on random occasions. For example, offers would be made for double offers, Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day – depending on the season. You would only have to be attentive enough to see exactly where the good offers are. 


As far as we have seen, the security of this website is on point. There were no issues with the payment, everything went flawlessly - and by the time the deadline came around, we certainly received a paper in return. There were no snatch-and-go businesses, which showed us that this website is legal and does not dive into shady stuff.

The payment types that they offer are also quite standard and convenient. For instance, if you do not want the money to appear on any credit card, you may choose to go for the bank transfer. On the other hand, if you want things to be paid right away, from the comfort of your own home, you may pay online with Visa, MasterCard, WeChatPay, and AliPay. 

If you don’t have the funds at this exact moment but you still need that paper, you may go for Payl8er. This way, your paper will be written for you straight away, before you will be required to make your payment.


Where the expertise of the writers is concerned, the website tells us that they have a certain number of writers per category. As an example, at the moment, they claim that in the area of Business writing, they have a total of 83 writers – but the bad news here is that you can’t see proof of their expertise. The only thing you can do is take their word for it. 

We could not find any independent reviews of UKDiss, which means that we can only discuss our own experience with their services. In the end, the papers that we purchased from them were quite good, straight to the point – but there was nothing stellar going on with them. We could see various spelling and writing mistakes there, which suggested that they were either written by non-native speakers or that they did not bother too much with the proofreading.


There are quite a bit of additional benefits coming from this service. For instance, they don’t just offer the standard plagiarism check – but they say that if their paper does contain plagiarism, then they will pay you a £5,000 guarantee. Moreover, they claim that if the paper is late, then the entire work will be on them; you won’t have to pay for anything. 

Their policy on paper quality and efficiency is also strong. For example, if they write a paper for you and the paper ends up getting a bad grade, their money-back guarantee allows for a full refund. You do, however, have to bring proof of the bad grade; otherwise, your claim will be dismissed. 


In the end, we give this website a total of 3 stars, deeming it as “not great, not terrible.” The service can indeed take you out of a pinch, providing you a decent base – but if you truly want something good, then it might need some further work on it. That said, this will require that you spend time yourself on the proofreading – which beats the purpose of hiring the service in the first place. If you don’t particularly want the top grade, however, this should work just fine.









Alissia: "poor work"

"I was promised the finest and even paid more for it, but to my astonishment, I received a pretty poor dissertation. They also failed to deliver on schedule, despite the fact that it would have made no difference."









Cormac: "Awful quality"

"My dissertation was written in such poor English. I'll never use their services anymore!!"









Katey: "Not appropriate"

"It was written not by a person with master's degree. Quality wasn't appropriate for my order. "









Zahrah: "Very poor"

"Its not even high school quality level. IF you dont want to be embarassed, better dont use their service. Its a shame "

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