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For many people, writing can prove to be a very difficult job; however, there are also instances where you simply do not have the necessary time. You either have to study for your exams or you have extracurricular activities to handle. Regardless of the circumstances, you may need to opt for the services of companies such as WriteAnyPapers.

That said, considering the number of essay writing services on the market nowadays, it may be rather difficult to narrow it down to the perfect one. How do you know for a fact that you can trust this service? Well, with this review, we’re going to analyze every aspect so that you know what to do next. 


WriteAnyPapers provides Custom Writing Services that are fit for every academic level. Regardless if you are in high school or require something of a Ph.D. level, this website should be able to help you out.

As for the types of essays, your selection is also quite wide. You can go for the classic essay, regardless of its type, or you may go for more uncommon things such as problem-solving, lab reports, multiple-choice questions, business plans, and so on. Long story short, if you have a paper that you need to be written from scratch, this essay writing service may help you out.

At the same time, if you already have your paper (or part of it), you may also go for the editing and proofreading services that are provided by this website. This is quite convenient, particularly if you are not a native speaker yet you still want to work on your perfect paper. This service will simply work to “pretty up” your baby. 

Paraphrasing is also a feature offered by this writing service. As a result, if you already have a paper written on that topic, but you need it paraphrased to avoid plagiarism. This way, you will have a paper with good content that will not show up with any issues.


The prices for this writing service are on the average side – some would say quite affordable. That said, they are also greatly influenced by the academic level, the type of paper, and the deadline. For example, college-level problem solving is naturally more expensive in comparison to your typical essay, as it involves more brain work. 

In the end, a typical college-level essay on a 14-day deadline will cost you $14 per page. That said, if you decide to take the same type of paper and set it on a PhD level, with next-day delivery, you will have to pay $58. A high-school essay page on a 14-day deadline will be $10. In the end, the service is as affordable as the way you make it to be. 

You get various freebies – but discounts are quite scarce. You do get a promo code to get 5% off your first order – but other than that, there aren’t any benefits for returning customers. We could not find any coupon codes or benefits that would bring the price down, even for lengthier essays. 

For example, some essay writing services would provide a 5% discount for orders that went past $500. These progressive discounts would be quite convenient for students that have lengthier papers – such as a dissertation or a doctorate paper – that already costs loads of money in the first place. 


In terms of security, by looking at their website, everything seems to be in order. Payment is done through MasterCard and VISA – two of the most popular online money transfer options. 

They also seem to have set a secure interface for you to make your transaction, making use of the COMODO SSL certificate, the DMCA, Norton Security, and McAfee. This way, you should be certain that not only will you not be hacked, but that the company will not steal your money either.

Granted, some people claim they feel scammed of their money, blaming the security – but the truth is, security has little to nothing to do with this. Transactions here are smooth and easy – and for each payment that you make, you will certainly receive a paper on return. 

Whether or not you are happy with its quality, that is a completely different story. Technically speaking, there are no signs of fraud here; everything is legal.


By going onto the testimonial page, you will see various people claiming that they were completely happy with the result. That said, if you were to also read independent reviews outside their domain, you will also see that several people are complaining about their writers’ expertise. 

Looking on their page, you can see that they claim well-accomplished writers that are degree-holders – and most importantly, native English speakers. Some of their best-rated writers are apparently either from the United Kingdom or from the United States. Scrolling down on the main page, you may also choose your preferred writer based on their experience and specialization. 

That said, while it does say that you can “choose your writer,” the web page does not allow you to click on their full profile. This makes us doubtful of whether those profiles are true.

Plus, another aspect that raised our alarm signals in regard to authenticity is the fact that all of them seem to have 5 stars, but a success rate of 97%. This seems rather dubious to us. The advantage is that if you have, for a fact, collaborated with one of these writers, the order form will allow you to ask for them to complete your assignment. 

Our experience with them was not that terrible, but it was not all that great either. First things first, while the writer did try to follow up with the requirements and tried to prove a point, there were still several grammatical and spelling mistakes there. 

Plus, the resources they used were rudimentary – mainly web pages and other easily available resources that could not be proven. There were barely any authority sources there that you could turn it into a well-researched paper. 

Delivery was also quite late – and even though they didn’t technically miss the day, they were still a couple of hours late. This would have been quite inconveniencing if we were students on a tight deadline.  


One benefit brought by this essay writing service is the fact that it takes your product through a plagiarism checker. This way, you will be certain that the paper you receive is completely original. 

Aside from that, you can also view samples on their website, to see whether their style fits your requirements. They also have a refund policy through which you may get your money back, but this will be purely circumstantial. You will need to bring proof of a bad grade if you wish to get your money back. 


In the end, we could only give this service a total of 2 stars. It does respect your requirements, and everything is legal – but considering that the quality is subpar, you might want to consider an alternative. 









Paddy: "Poor quality"

"It is clear that these "writers" are not native to English. My essays were missing simple words such as "the" and "of". I ordered a 4th year college level writer and it was more like high school senior level. I had rewrite both essays. Grammar was poor and punctuation was poor. If you intend on using them, I suggest using a Master's or Doctoral level writer. I'm interested to know if that even makes a difference in quality. OH! and I asked for two pages. It was barely a page and a half with two run-on paragraphs."

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